The Daemons of Khorne: stats

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Re: The Daemons of Khorne: stats

Postby erestor » 14 October 2012, 14:29

Str 7 and horns? That's a big bag of crazy right there, you honestly want something that can outmuscle a roller right out of the gate, even though you don't get to use the roller for more than 1/2 a match?
Yep but 100k more expensive than a roller. And that is not me who called it a Bloodthirster. I would agree on this profile with any other name. There are so many daemons in the Chaos Wastes...

Anyway, the more i play this team, the more i liked it... And with the Dode's fluff explanations, i find them great, without reservation (except the name of the big daemon with his wings, you know, the bloodth... no it can't be so weak...) :mrgreen:
As the long departed Commissioner Three-horn famously said on many occasions “This is Blood Bowl, buddy, anything could happen!”.

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Re: The Daemons of Khorne: stats

Postby dode74 » 14 October 2012, 17:14

And that is not me who called it a Bloodthirster.
Nor was it me ;)

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Re: The Daemons of Khorne: stats

Postby Void » 15 October 2012, 10:34

The roster is acceptable.
I would prefer no Passing on the Berserker as he's not the Pact's Marauder, the Heralds with str4 agi2, and no wizard possibility for that team.
In the end - much better then Amazon that I despise the strongest.

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