The Daemons of Khorne: stats

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Re: The Daemons of Khorne: stats

Postby erestor » 14 October 2012, 14:29

Str 7 and horns? That's a big bag of crazy right there, you honestly want something that can outmuscle a roller right out of the gate, even though you don't get to use the roller for more than 1/2 a match?
Yep but 100k more expensive than a roller. And that is not me who called it a Bloodthirster. I would agree on this profile with any other name. There are so many daemons in the Chaos Wastes...

Anyway, the more i play this team, the more i liked it... And with the Dode's fluff explanations, i find them great, without reservation (except the name of the big daemon with his wings, you know, the bloodth... no it can't be so weak...) :mrgreen:
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Re: The Daemons of Khorne: stats

Postby dode74 » 14 October 2012, 17:14

And that is not me who called it a Bloodthirster.
Nor was it me ;)

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Re: The Daemons of Khorne: stats

Postby Void » 15 October 2012, 10:34

The roster is acceptable.
I would prefer no Passing on the Berserker as he's not the Pact's Marauder, the Heralds with str4 agi2, and no wizard possibility for that team.
In the end - much better then Amazon that I despise the strongest.

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The Daemons of Khorne stats

Postby Michaelflecy » 04 July 2018, 15:40

Only had three games with the new Daemons, twice against Grey Knights and had my ss handed to me all three times. All three lists were single force org and had a balance of fast, elite, HS troops etc. One mono Tzeentch list, one mono khorne list and a mixed list. Just for laughs Im trying to cram as many Flying Monstrous creatures into a 2K double org list as i can.

Fateweaver; Warlord
Bloodthirster; Exalted reward
Lord of Change; ML2, Greater reward
Lord of Change; ML2
Daemon Prince; Tzeentch, ML1, Flight
Daemon Prince; Tzeentch, ML1, Flight
10 Bloodletters
Aegis Defence Line, Quad Gun
10 Pink Horrors
10 Pink Horrors
10 Pink Horrors

For another 2K list I am thinking
Lord of Change; Exalted, Warlord, ML3
Bloodthirster; Exalted
2x Soul Grinder; Phlegm, Tzeentch
9x Screamers
6x Fiends
10x Flesh hounds
10x Bloodletters; Aegis line, Quad Gun
20x Daemonettes
13x Plaguebearers

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