The Underworld: stats

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Re: The Underworld: stats

Postby Bucc » 12 October 2012, 06:14

Siam. She was brilliant

Btw. Who made the 2d drawings for CE?

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HC Vanselow
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Re: The Underworld: stats

Postby HC Vanselow » 14 December 2015, 05:26

:lol: I've changed my perspective on this cocktail of cunningness as I had recently retired my Skaven and retired my Goblins, but I need a new thrill on the pitch and it was with that the Killadelfia Jinxers were unveiled and took a 1-1 draw versus Vampires. A Blitzer leveled up with 12 SPP in one game !!! and took horns, claw is next 8-)

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