Basic Leveling Tips

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Re: Basic Leveling Tips

Postby selfy_74 » 20 October 2011, 22:46

Block Dodge Sidestep Guard Is good and I love it without doubbles try

Block Dodge Sidestep diving tackle

Block Dodge Sidestep tackle, diving tackle
That's the classic marking pro elf blitzer right there. :D

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Re: Basic Leveling Tips

Postby Canaussie » 21 October 2011, 00:30

There is a circumstance that +MV should ALWAYS be taken regardless of TV bloat/other skills getting in the way: Goblin fanatic! - for a guy that throws as many blocks as his MV stat, +1 is a 33% increase in hitting power! Boo-Yah!
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Re: Basic Leveling Tips

Postby MILLANDSON » 21 October 2011, 00:38

You can find most of these levelling tips in the Tactics threads - the only ones really missing are the newer teams, whose threads got wiped in the massive forum crash a month or so back.


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