How to play against... OGRES

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Colonel Panic
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Re: How to play against... OGRES

Postby Colonel Panic » 25 October 2011, 12:39

from your skills it sounds like you're an elf team, so don't mark more Ogres than you have to. Your players are too valuable to play "catch the Ogre Fist" all day. That being said, a lineman in their tackle zone can essentially shut down three out of his five Ogres, so if one of his guards is near the action and could make trouble, letting him block a lineman is better than letting him blitz your ballcarrier.

Absolutely take -2d blocks on his Ballcarrier, especially with your Blitzers. The chances aren't bad at all that you flat-out knock him down, and it's even better if a pushback knocks him into more of your tackle zones. Only reroll if a skull shows up. Once your block, dodge, sidestep Blitzer is in his tackle zone, that ballcarrier will have to dodge to move. If you can get a second tackle zone on the other side, AG3 suddenly doesn't look too great. He might try using the Break Tackle guy to carry the ball too.

On offense, stall as much as you can. Ogres need a good 4-5 turns to score (unless they're throwing Snotlings), so if you don't leave him that much time he's going to have trouble pulling off better than a tie. If he does start pitching snotlings downfield, it means he's desperate and you're doing something right.

Also for information, the Cyanide implementation of Break Tackle is slightly bugged: You're supposed to be allowed to choose to use it AFTER rolling the dodge, so if the first dodge would succeed without using the skill, you "save" use of the skill. The PC game makes you use the skill on that player's first dodge, regardless of what he rolls. This isn't something you can "exploit", because forcing your opponent to roll more dice is good tactics anyway, but it should make you even more confident if you can block in his ballcarrier, with one player on each side.

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Re: How to play against... OGRES

Postby LazyDog » 25 October 2011, 13:43

If you block with your blodgers an ogre with 2D against you (block vs. no skills) ... 31% attacker down, 44% pushed back, 25% defender down ... not that bad at all ;)

The other direction, the (more or less) unskilled ogre tries to hit your blodger (2D attacker's choice) ... 11% attacker down, 58% pushed back, 31% defender down ... could be worse

Kill his snotlings (but don't foul them) and blitz his ball carrying ogre every time it's worth it. With a ReRoll and some luck your chances are quite good. Keep in mind, that your slowest player is faster than all his players. This is a huge advantage if used. He has "only" 5 ogres. If one of them is holding the ball, there are only 4 left to build something like a cage. Taking Bonehead into account this means, that he has to cover one side with snotlings. You have the way faster team hence you decide where you're gonna attack his cage. If he wants to stay where he is, good for you. You can score within 2 turns, every turn without moving is one step closer to your win.

If necessary, stall! Not by crowding all your players on as few squares as possible, but by running away from him without scoring. Stay in TD range and run from the left to the right side. This can get you 2 to 4 extra turns and he has to throw snots to score within the remaining 2 to 4 turns. He has no OneTurner, so you have a reasonable chance to get the ball and score. Don't forget, you have the best out-of-the-box-thrower in this game and damn fast catchers. ;)

Force resp. invite him to go for it to reach your players. Every stumbling snotling is easily injured and every lying ogre is more or less useless in his next turn. On defence, of course, give him one square and only the single blitz. You don't have to mark his ogres in a traditional way. MA5 is slow enough, that you could control his possible running directions with some tackle zones.

Hope this is useful for you, because I'm a very poor elf coach. :D

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Re: How to play against... OGRES

Postby khaspah » 26 October 2011, 08:46

Wow, thanks a lot guys for all your advices. I´m going to print this thread and put it beside the screen during the match :D

@Lazydog, I´m very poor with Elves too... Only had average results with Dark elves, and pathetic with Wood and Pro.

This is my first league with High Elves and (for the momen) they´re doing quite well (3-1-1), with a bit of luck with the dice rolls :P . The main problem are the casualties, as AV8 is more similar to AV7 than to AV9... Last match I played with 4 loners... This means about 30% of your team risking to fail a RR and cousing turnover on any action...

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Re: How to play against... OGRES

Postby thebrianp » 26 October 2011, 19:59

Ogres? I got an ogre slaying knife that's +9 versus ogres. ... stream.mp3

Holy Terror
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Re: How to play against... OGRES

Postby Holy Terror » 26 October 2011, 20:04

Their ogres...slow and all they can do effectively is punishment...kick the ball out of their range beat the crap out of the snotling with it an delay if necessary wash rinse repeat.Seriously ogres only going to really beat you if they are having a great luck streak or the level of ability between the coaches is vastly different
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Re: How to play against... OGRES

Postby khaspah » 31 October 2011, 09:43

Well, it´s been a sad weekend... I lost 1-0 due to a combination of bad luck on my side and good defense on the other. I failed a couple of GFI´s on the same TD line and my players seemed to have exchanged their armours with the snotlings: I sent out the first snotling on turn 12 or 13 while my elves were falling KO on every blitz.

When my blodger/side step superstar failed a simple dodge his Ag3 ogre picked the ball and, with a Guard ogre on each side and a screen of snotlings, made his way to score on turn 16. I was able to force him to do a dodge in order to score, but of course he did it :lol:

On the other side I had no injuries, a lineman levelled up (I think I´ll give him Wrestle) and I´ll have no loners for my next match.

Anyway, thanks a lot guys for all your advices. They proved to be very useful during all the first half (I start kicking) and also until I started to get short of players and failed a couple of important dice rolls...

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