Reliably achievable and good Wardancer builds?

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Reliably achievable and good Wardancer builds?

Postby pmm_fin » 12 April 2013, 15:30

How do you level your Wardancers? In my opinion they are the trickiest players in the whole WE team to level up if you keep throwing 3-9 without doubles. I like starting WE teams as they are very good from the first match and can reliably score and Wardancers particularly have the most important skills already.

Leaping is just pushing your luck and cannot be helped by anything but +AG. I tend to get Strip Ball but it is often wasted against dedicated ball carriers with Sure Hands. I also have no trouble winning so SB would just help me win by more. Many seem to take Fend but I'm not sure why. Side Step seems more helpful to me but even that leaves me a bit cold since I'm carefull at sidelines. Dauntless? Meh. Doesn't help when blitzing the ball carrier in a cage. Tackle? Well, I usually end up taking it as it helps against agility and stunty teams. Sure Feet and Sprint I like to leave for catchers.

Doubles on the other hand give very usefull options like Guard (never enough Guard as they say).

Anyway, after few level up's I'm getting the feeling that my Wardancers are just bloating up and the returns are diminshing seriously. Without +AG or +ST I feel like I should fire them and recruit a new one and hope to be more lucky. They are quick to level up after all.

Same applies in lesser extent to Catchers. I take block first as it removes one side of the dice that puts him down even if he rarely blocks. Maybe Sure Feet. After that it's the usual Side Step, Fend etc. that rarely help me when I either get multiple blocked down or can easily dodge away even if I'm followed after push.

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Re: Reliably achievable and good Wardancer builds?

Postby kabooki » 12 April 2013, 17:25

Fend is important to avoid opponents from advancing cages as well as preventing pile on pain. This is a very important addition for someone you want on the pitch.

I like Frenzy and Tackle on one to leap past defenders and take out weak opponents. On doubles, mighty blow. On the other a wrestle/strip ball makes sense as a ball sacker.

Here is a great guide for you:

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Re: Reliably achievable and good Wardancer builds?

Postby Skipbidder » 14 April 2013, 01:00

I really don't like Guard on your Wardancer. Take Mighty Blow.
If you do take Guard, you may as well take Side Step next. Until dead, your Blodging, Sidestep, Guard Wardancer will be a huge irritant.

If you are okay with a disposable Wardancer, then a no-doubles plan is Strip Ball, Wrestle, Tackle. Just don't cry when they die.

Slightly safer follow up to Strip Ball is Sidestep. Sidestep gets you fewer hits after you've leapt in to strip the ball.

If you really are concerned about safety, Fend is nice addition to Sidestep.

Hard to build a bad Wardancer. Even those things I'd consider second rate choices like Diving Tackle, Dauntless, Jump Up are all still pretty good for the WD.

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Re: Reliably achievable and good Wardancer builds?

Postby Colonel Panic » 16 April 2013, 21:04

Wrestle is wasted on a wardancer, it has no synergy with Block. If you want a player or three with Wrestle/Tackle, and you should, put it on literally anyone else.

Strip Ball is an awesome threat and still helpful even if your opponent has a dedicated ball handler. It means he'll be reluctant to carry the ball with anyone else, even if they're better positioned, and if you manage to target their Sure Hands guy, so much the better.

Another option is Sidestep and Diving Tackle. If you can get next to the ball carrier, Sidestep (plus Block/Dodge) makes it hard to knock him away, and Diving Tackle makes dodging very iffy. Tackle and Shadowing help that role as well. I suppose Fend would help make that already incredibly annoying player even more irritating, but I've never gotten that far.

I've heard of people taking Pro, I guess because it can give you a chance to reroll a leap even without rerolls, but it just never seemed important to me.

Of course any stat increase makes a Wardancer an incredible monster, but I'm not sure doubles are even worth it. The obvious choice for a player that blitzes a lot is Mighty Blow, but I'm not sure it helps the core role of the Wardancer (mobility, harassment, sacking) enough to justify passing up on agility or general skills.

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Re: Reliably achievable and good Wardancer builds?

Postby Iniyari » 02 August 2013, 15:34

I also have no trouble winning so SB would just help me win by more.
I'm sorry: as a WoE coach, this statement makes no sense to me. Why wouldn't you want to win by more? ;P That's the entire philosophy of my team: perfecting the "Flawless Game": 8 TDs. Ideally, an 8 TD game is due to 8 two-turn TDs, but "Blitz" events and the occasional 1-turn scorer are my dearest friends. :)

Here's what I put on some of my Wardancers (we'll assume no doubles/attributes): strip ball, dauntless, sure feet, tackle, side step, pro. Obviously you put Frenzy on +ST, Shadowing/Sprint on +MA, Guard at first chance, and you do the happiest dance on +AG.

As mentioned in other posts, your Wardancers draw attention regardless of whether they're actually your most potent cage-breakers. On my current WoE team I've got two +AG/Leap/SB/Block linemen, who end up attempting the cage break far more often than my girls. However, as you mentioned, I'd be inclined to retire and re-level new Wardancers if one hadn't rolled +AG and the other Guard/+MA.

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Re: Reliably achievable and good Wardancer builds?

Postby GobboBlabs » 24 August 2013, 02:01

Fear not. You can always throw Tackle on a wardancer and call it a career too... will be better than nearly every other Level 2 player in the league.

Sure feet, +1 MA catcher you say? yum.

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Re: Reliably achievable and good Wardancer builds?

Postby whater » 27 August 2013, 18:13

Guard & Side Step & Strip Ball. If you can get a guard guy in there, then have the strip baller follow in after, it's a really nasty combo.

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