+Ag Beastmen

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+Ag Beastmen

Postby ShinyJ » 12 July 2013, 11:23

Hello one of my Private Leagues teams has just rolled more +Ag, the roster is roughly:

Rookie Mino,
1 x CW Block, Gaurd, MB, Claw, Tackle
1 x CW Rookie
1 x CW Block, Guard
1 x CW Block

1 x Beast Block, MIB, Claw
1 x Beast + Ag, Block, Strong Arm, + Ma, Sure Hands
1 x Beast + Ag, Pass Block, Block, Extra Arms
A few rookie beasts also.
2 x Beast +Ag Block = one has just rolled a normal.

Just wondering how people feel I should develop these 2 last + Ag beasts?


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Re: +Ag Beastmen

Postby dode74 » 12 July 2013, 12:16

4 +AG beasts is bloat, imo, even in a private league. 2 should be enough. The +MA +AG one is a godsend, and I'd use him as your carrier. I assume the other rolled +AG after he rolled extra arms, otherwise that would be a bit of a waste (big hand doing the pickup job better in TZs on AG4 players); he does make a decent passing target though, giving you a viable threat for that.
If you do keep the other +AG ones then I would consider guard. You seem to be lacking it atm (I would want at least 4), and AG4 with guard makes for some really nice mobile assists.

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Re: +Ag Beastmen

Postby Managarn » 12 July 2013, 12:20

u got 4 +ag beast? lucky bastard.

u already got 1 ball handler. that +ag pass block can be developped in a leaping bastard if u get a double and then very long legg. 4ag VLL and EA will make this guy painfull for most passing team XD.

last 2 u can develop them as specialized ball hunter. The +ag make them much more mobile and they can handle the ball in a pinch. U definitively need some more tackle and theyd be perfect for it. After that its as you see fit. with 4 agility any double become very worth it. Either dodge which increase mobility and survivability but dodge is better if u have lots of it. Or you can go for leap and then get VLL for 2+ leaps. Leap on a ball hunter that blitz at 4str is incredibly effective. I used to have pestigor with 4 ag VLL leap. Hed bust balls from anywhere. One of them getting frenzy would also be usefull. Leap frenzy at 4str cna give you those clutch crowdpush and even if u dont it usually reduce the size of the pitch by making them scared of crowdpush.

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Re: +Ag Beastmen

Postby Crazylegs » 12 July 2013, 15:05

You should definitely consider whether 4 +Ag is bloat, but if you keep them you definitely have a wide open offense, with that +Ag/MA ball handler/thrower and 3 potential receivers. +Ag alone is enough to make them decent catchers, so they can serve their purpose for that even if it is only as a threat. Looking at your roster though I would agree with both Dode and Managarn, depending on league make-up and upcoming matchups - you need tackle and guard, both. If you face agility teams next, then tackle. If its bashers then go guard.

Long term I would say the +Ag guys should be made into mobile utility guys, with block/tackle/guard as the priority, then either add kill skills (mb/claw/po), frenzy (Frenzy/standfirm/jugger), leap (leap/vll/stripball), other fun stuff as you think is needed.

I like that you are making an interceptigor! +Ag, Passblock, EA, get VLL next and he intercepts on a 3+. If he rolls doubles I would probably go for catch even though I do not normally take that skill, just to get the auto reroll on interception attempts. He's an elven nightmare and can guard half the pitch by himself.

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Re: +Ag Beastmen

Postby JimmyFantastic » 16 July 2013, 10:08

I would develop them with instant retirement.

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Re: +Ag Beastmen

Postby whater » 17 July 2013, 23:21

Four +AGIL seems like a lot. I'd prob go with 3. But beastmen are only 8 AV, so they die.

For roles of the none ball handlers. I'd give them blitzing type of skills. Using the AGIL to dodge into place for a Blitz. Which might put them in harms way and they die. But you have the surplus, so it allows you to be wreckless with them.

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