Mutated Witch Elf

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Mutated Witch Elf

Postby splendidplumage » 12 July 2014, 17:28

I just won a "chaos cup" tournament, with my dark elf team, where the winning team gets a mutation skill on whoever was their MVP for the match.

The recipient is my fairly highly skilled Witch Elf.

She currently has:
block, side step, tackle, pro

What do you think would be the best one off mutation for this character?

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Proxi Winther Rex
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Re: Mutated Witch Elf

Postby Proxi Winther Rex » 12 July 2014, 22:55

Claw for attack or Foul Appearance for defense

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Re: Mutated Witch Elf

Postby MattDakka » 12 July 2014, 23:30

- Claw;
- Two Heads, great with AG 4 and Dodge;
- Horns for ST 4 Frenzy Blitzing (she can surf ST 3 players without assists).

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Re: Mutated Witch Elf

Postby hermanJnr. » 14 July 2014, 09:40

Horns or Big Hand. Either makes her really, really annoying :P
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