Goblin Tactics, Strategies and Builds

Your rosters, your strategies, advice, etc.
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Goblin Tactics, Strategies and Builds

Postby MILLANDSON » 02 October 2011, 07:09



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Re: Goblin Tactics, Strategies and Builds

Postby Gitsy » 08 October 2011, 01:46

Lets get the ball rolling!


Goblin Tactics, Strategies and Builds

Why should I play Goblins?

Out of all teams within Blood Bowl, time and time again I found myself returning to the little Greenskins. They were my first race, and even after branching out to a few others, I still found myself coming back. Above all they are a team designed to be a challenge and fun. The roster consists of Strength 2 Goblins, two trolls, and three secret weapons.
  • Unique Game Style : Goblins like Halflings and Ogres are a special kind of team, falling under the category of "stunty". Relying on their small size, Big Guys, and wacky quirks, the Goblin team requires a coach to perform different plays and ploys to defeat the enemy which can offer a refreshing approach to Blood Bowl for those either experienced, or the newer coaches wanting to use a team entirely unique from the main stream.
  • Stunty and Dodge with Right Stuff:To compensate for their poor strength, all the Goblins start with dodge and stunty. Having the stunty ability mixed with dodge gives them a reasonable chance of disengaging and since they ignore tackle zones, the Goblins can get past areas which other teams could only dream of. And lastly with Right Stuff, Goblins can be tossed, either at the enemy or over them to go for the glorious one turn touchdown.
  • Secret Weapons :They are also the only team to have three Secret Weapon players at their disposal, who can cause havoc on the enemy team. Considered the main reason to play gobbos, the ball and chain and chainsaw wielding goblins can be catastrophic to the enemy lineup on good days, and the bomber can blast open tight clusters of enemy players...on a good day at least. The Goblins are the undisputed kings of cheating too with cheaper bribes at their disposal as inducements to allow their weapons get past the referee.
  • Trolls and Tossing : And lastly they also have two Big Guys in the form of Trolls, notoriously difficult to kill and providing the muscle to the team. They make for a pretty decent line of scrum vs the weaker teams or a great road blocks vs a more persistent opponent. While stupid, they also allow the team the opportunity, albeit risky, for a one turn touch down.
Taking this into account, the Goblin team provides a unique style of play, summed up as high-risk/high-reward. While they are certainly an underdog team and achieving victory is very difficult [Not that this isn't possible], they can give an experienced coach an incredible challenge and a refreshing game play, or for a newer coach who is more in for carnage and fun, the Goblins are not lacking in either.

Why should I not play Goblins?

Goblins are not amongst the better teams of Blood Bowl. In fact they are an "underdog"/stunty team, which means they are designed to be challenging and high risk. Plus due to lacking certain qualities of the other teams like positional players, they are also a very hard team to play and do well with. To be blunt: Expect to lose more often than win. Their mean appeal long term is for the experienced coaches or masochists due to their high level of difficulty.
  • Winning is Difficult and not to be Expected: Winning with Goblins is hard, very hard. I would be lying if I said otherwise. Over long term the initial "fun" of the goblin roster wears off, and inevitably a coach who sticks with them will want more than the random carnage and look to success. As with all stunty teams however, one is expected to lose more than they win, which can be a very difficult obstacle to overcome, both as a coach and mentality wise. The effort required to pull off victories with the greenskins is significantly higher than the other rosters, and with their in-built handicaps and drawbacks, this is an immense challenge and, while not impossible, not something which is to be expected. A quote I heard from one Goblin coach was summed it up well : Expect to lose, aim for the draw, cherish the victories.
  • Low Strength/Squishy:The Goblins themselves are notoriously squishy and tend to get injured at a frightening level of frequency which some new coaches may be put off, not to mention their cross the board low strength. Further more the team does not start with any basic positional players, like catchers or throwers, so its up to the humble gobbos to play multiple rolls without the skills. They also make AWFUL throwers.
  • Limited Ability Access: Both the Trolls, Goblins and Weapons have access to only one skill tree, Strength and Agility respectively. As such, your capacity for plays such as passing or boxing (Low Strength) is almost null, and due to no General Access except on doubles, the team continues to be risky even while blocking. As such, the Goblin coach is forced to make do with what they have. Fortunately it is not quite as bad as it may seem, but I will cover skills later on.
  • The Weapons are Unreliable and Dangerous The Weapons too, while being the main attraction to the team, are notorious for their unreliable nature. Some games the Weapons can work wonders, but a lot of the time versus a well prepared opponent, their damage can be minimum, not to mention the chances of them offing themselves in a rather sudden manner. Fun initially but can become tedious or, at worst, a hindrance. Any plan using them as a core part is bound to fail as any Goblin coach will find, their performance is heavily reliant on luck and the ignorance of your opponent.
  • Generally Unreliable :Trolls being Big Guys are also unreliable, with Really Stupid and Loner, they are by nature somewhat erratic in their performance, though not as much as the weapons, so attempting to plan around them can be difficult. This would not hurt so much if they did not play such an important roll in the Goblin team. Fortunately to compensate they have regeneration. Goblins too, despite having dodge and stunty, is not a safe method of disengaging and as mentioned above, the weapons performance is very luck dependent and consistency makes it difficult to form safe plans.
In spite of all of the negatives of the Goblin team, there are methods to compete with them. Make no mistake though, they are a high risk/high reward team and winning with them requires more effort than almost any other. However, on a more positive side,they are definitely a challenge and can be enjoyable, and if you are looking for either of these, mostly the former, then welcome to the world of a Stunty coach!

Da Positionalz

In this section I will give a brief description for each positional on the Goblin roster. Unlike standard teams the Goblins do not start with catchers, runners or blockers. Instead they are given their Secret Weapons and trolls/Goblins to compensate. Fortunately due to their low cost, it is possible to start with almost everything from the get go.

Goblins Image

The foundation and core of the team. These little chaps are dirt cheap at a nice 40k, so don't concern yourself over their death or injury. Starting with Dodge, this allows you to disengage from enemies easier without wasting team Re-Rolls, as well as having a modest Ag3 and Mv6. Unfortunately they also have stunty, which, while ignoring Tackle Zones, makes them very easy to hurt. To be used in a multitude of rolls, catchers, ball carriers, fodder, and troll food/ammunition. Still though, despite their expendable nature, at least IMHO, it is these guys who will win you the game.

Goblins are not as slow as some people may think in terms of developing, but they are not elves. Personally I would suggest with your first normal level up as a catcher. This allows you to use the ever infamous Throw-Team Mate with the trolls with greater reliance, not to mention if you are cornered, keeping a catcher mid field can be good as a last ditch attempt to break off.

Side Step and Diving Tackle is all up to personal preference. Personally I always choose DT over Side Step. Many people would rather Side Step, but to me, Diving Tackle can be used in far more situations. For example, if you are trying to break off in offense but a pesky blitzer is at you, marking him with a stepper would not be half as effective as with a Diving Tackler. Not to mention vs Elves, Side Step has limited amount of use in my experience, where DT makes the normally fearlessly dodging Elf have something to be concerned about.

Quick Tip: Unless you are taking so many casualties that it is digging into your reserves, its best to save your doctor for the trolls, or in the case of later, your skilled gobbos, which will be few.

For the first double, a block gobbo can be a great asset in terms of defense or offense. A blocker can go a long way in adding an extra element of reliability, either as a blitzer or a blocker in the opening line of scrum. A Dirty player is another interesting asset and at least in terms of long term use, can be used up until death and can be great at taking out key players knocked to the ground.

The best level up possible however is a Goblin with +1 Agility. This guy should be kept exclusively for offense as with an Ag4 Gob, this actually brings the roster up to a touch below semi competitive, a major boost. Incredible dodging and in a crisis situation, the one turn touchdown actually becomes pretty feasible.

+1 Strength can also prove to be a nasty surprise, especially if you are willing to risk dodging him into a box to 1dblock the enemy ball carrier. Personally however I would much rather give Goblins block than Strength.

Essentially though the Goblins play a multiple rolls within the team, from the all important ball carrier, blockers [From time to time], blitzers, foulers and of course, cannon fodder.

Normal Level: Catch, Side Step/Diving Tackle, Sure Feet
Double: Block, Dirty Player, Sure Hands, Kick
Stat Up: +1 Agility, +1 Str, +1 MV

Trolls Image

The muscle. Your Big Guys. The Munchas. Da Big Cheeze.The Trolls. They are my all time favourite Big Guys in the game and for good reason. With av9 and regeneration they are a tough nut to crack, and with an apothecary as a fall back they can generally take a proper beating and get back up. However, as is the nature of all Big Guys they are brutally unreliable and unfortunately play a core part of your plan, second only to the Goblins themselves. However, they are also excellent at tying up and with two Big Guys, they can provide a formidable amount of strength to compensate for the Goblins St2.

While most by now would be aware just how unreliable Big Guys are, with Goblins the Trolls play a critical role in both offense and Defense, playing further into the risky game style of the Goblins. In Defense generally where the trolls are based should be where the defense is formed around. Where the trolls go the Goblins go, though a little bit behind just to be safe! Unlike other Big Guys who are either assets to form up a few tackle zones or the occasional blitzer, Trolls are absolutely critical to the Goblin team's success and in my view, arguably more so than the weapons. Offense similarly the Troll's objective is to hold ground so that you can attempt open gaps mid field with which you can exploit. Big Guys in general are unreliable, and with loner and Stupidity, things can go awry at the worst of times.

However, all is not bad. With Really Stupid, all actions taken should be on a 2+ if you are positioned correctly and although unreliable, their immense durability and staying power more than makes up for their negative traits. No player is safe from the wrath of Nuffle but in my experience, Trolls, at least on the Goblin team, tend to have very long life spans and as they slowly level their mere presence can add a lot to assisting the Goblins, particularly with guard. Plus with the extra bonus of throw-team mate you got a pretty diverse Big Guy.

As for level ups, guard as the first in order to add extra ease on the LOS, followed either by Stand Firm to make the troll an annoying road block or break tackle to add mobility. On a double, naturally one should go for block. Pro and Dodge is up to personal preference but the general opinion is pro to add extra reliability to the Big chaps.

For stat ups, +1 Strength can add a lot to the Troll, making him a nightmare on offense in the LOS. One assist will give him a 3dice block which is by all accounts "safe". +1 Av should only be taken if your Troll already has Guard, otherwise it is not worth investing in, as you will get a lot more value from a skill than a stat up.

On a more personal note I have lost very VERY few Trolls to death or crippling injury, I would estimate at most, if even, twenty, after hundreds of games.They are not reliable, like all Big Guys, but as I have said before, their immense durability and capability to get into the most vicious of scraps and come out in one piece is staggering, and while no one is safe from Nuffle, ultimately they are tougher than a box of nails.

A special note: Contrary to popular belief, +1 Agility does NOT have any influence over throw team mate. Throw Team mate always counts as an inaccurate throw, so unless its a short pass, which is a 2+, the quick pass is ALWAYS a 3+ to throw, strong arm withstanding, as it always gives a -1 penalty on the toss. Hence why it is not listed in the stat ups. Strong arm too I find should only be invested in if you are especially daring, but I would not recommend it.


Normal Level: Guard, Break Tackle, Thick Skull, Stand Firm
Double: Block, Pro/Dodge, Side Step [After you got the first two]
Stat Up: +1 Strength, +1 AV

Da Pogoer Image

This guy would be your primary ball carrier. Being both fast and agile, combined with leap, makes this guy rather difficult to pin down and with Mv7, he is quite a capable runner. I personally am not a fan of him, but he is an incredible addition to the Goblin team and is a remarkable runner. With leap and Very Long Legs too, he can also manage to break off if things are getting too clustered, mixed with stunty and dodge, he is considered by many THE Goblin team's ball carrier. Not compulsory but not too far off either.

Skills: Sure Feet, Sprint or Catch.
Double Skills: Block/Sure hands

Secret Weapons:

Before I continue I want to make a brief note. Most people consider the Goblins to be 99% based around the weapons. This is a nice mindset, especially if you really want a break from competitive play, but this really is not how they should be done. Some may say, if you are going to be like that, why not use Orcs? Well, by that logic, why bother playing halflings? You play Goblins for a challenge, and though while you can have fun (Mind you should ALWAYS have fun no matter who you are using in BB), you can also try to win. Through my experience, Goblins can work a lot better if you don't solely put your plans reliant on the weapons.

The standard way of thinking with Goblins is "Do as much damage with the weapons, gain a number advantage.....WIN!!" It can work initially but against more experienced coaches, the weapons can be countered very easily, particularly because they are also rather match-up reliant. Thus I wish to give this very small chart in terms of priority in importance within the Gobbo Roster.

Core: Image Image Image

Assets: Image Image Image *In no specific order*

There is absolutely no doubt the Weapons are enjoyable and can be quite effective on a good day, but they have a very erratic level of performance in my experience, from the downright devastating to being completely useless, or worst case, self destructive. When I get to the match-up strategy and formation section I shall cover this in more detail.

I will also briefly cover their skill up recommendations but for strategy I will look at that in my next post.

Fanatic: Mighty Blow/Grab Double: Block
Looney: Dodge/Sneaky Git Double: Block
Bomber: HMP, if he fails to get a double on his first level up fire him.

Starting Rosters

There are a number of ways to go with the starting Goblin roster. However, for those of you wishing to experiment with your own quirks or bits, I would suggest at a minimum taking the following:

1 Apothecary: 50k
3 RR: 180k
2 Trolls: 220k
11 Goblins: 440k
Total: 890k

You need some form of a bench with Goblins due to their fragile nature, and having at least two would be the minimum I would allow my roster to drop to. Some may consider going the Halfing route, where you purposely go out of your way to gimp your TV to hire star players and bribes. I am not a fan of this, in fact I think it does more harm to the goblins than good, as unlike the halflings, you have the capability for a pretty solid running game and your Av, while low, won't break if you are coughed on. Its your choice of course, as Goblins are very diverse, and if you are willing, you could easily drop the apothecary (I would NOT recommend this! You cannot afford to lose a troll imho), and another goblin.

Variant 1: Standard Gobbo Roster

1 Apoth 50
3 RR 180
2 Trolls 220
1 Fanatic 70
1 Pogoer 70
1 Looney 40
9 Goblins, 360

Total: 990k

You get everything in this roster, 3 RR and Doctor as standard, and all but one of the toys. You get a nice 14 man roster with two secret weapons. Generally I would suggest to get your 15th and 16th man ASAP, unless you are in league play, this leave one slot open perhaps for the star players. The Pogoer is there as your primary ball carrier, his ability to leap and +1 MV making him a remarkable runner and quite good for breaking off in sticky situations.

A note on the Bomber: For those of you a fan of the bomb wielding crazed psycho, a word of note, he is NOT SAFE. The Fanatic and Looney can only really damage themselves, unless in the former you are very unlucky, but the bomber can, on a regular day, either kill himself or get intercepted and have his bomb tossed back. If the bomb which was intercepted explodes by one of your own players and knocks him down, you suffer a turn over, which makes him the only weapon holding another potential of a premature end.

If you really want him, replace a goblin with the bomber, but then you are running with a very thin bench. He is not worth it IMHO but for those purely in for the fun, go ahead, but I can assure you that he very quickly gets irritating after the initial flare wears off.

Variant 2: Fan Favourite

1 Apoth 50k
3 RR 180k
7 FF 70k
2 Trolls 110k
11 Gobbos 480k
1 Looney 40k

(Alternatively, switch the FF with 1 cheering fans and 1 Assistant coach, or a 4th RR and 1 of the former)

Total: 1000k

This takes a rather unusual approach to the Goblin roster. Instead of trying to branch out on a weapon heavy roster, this is more to do with long term leagues. Since Goblins are somewhat difficult to win with anyway, the Fan Factor should really pay for itself even as it declines with the cash granted by FAME.

The chainsaw is there for obvious reasons being an unreliable but devastating blitzer on the right days. Since he is the only weapon on the team, you can also rely on having a semi deep bench to begin with as well allowing you to foul with reasonable freedom. For those of you who are fans of the Pogoer, you can drop 3 Fan Factor and replace one of the line Goblins with him.

In the circumstance that any of you are fans of the fanatic, he can be easily added in later but I would suggest basing your team around one weapon (IMHO the Chainsaw) to allow yourself both hitting power and a bench. Otherwise you run the risk of having Goblins kicked off before even taking any action and I find the chainsaw useful in all matchups in contrast to the other two. Look to add two more goblins to complete your roster if you are in a TV Matchup environment. In a league environment or ranked, leave one spot open for a star. A fourth re-roll is a valid option but generally three should be more than enough.

General Team Management Advice:

You are not halflings, so do not go out of your way to completely gimp your TV. However, on that note, unless you are getting some ludicrously good level ups, NEVER EVER exceed 1450 TV. The Goblin roster's sweet spot is around 1300-1370. Any higher you are likely suffering from TV bloat or you are blessed by Nuffle and have GOD LIKE level ups. Generally speaking however, if you are entering the 1400 TV region, consider cutting one of the experienced goblins with regular level ups with a rookie.

Thats my 2 cents, I hope this proves helpful for newer coaches or those interested in Gobbos and il look into formations and offensive/defensive strategy another time. Enjoy your Gobbos!
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Re: Goblin Tactics, Strategies and Builds

Postby Gitsy » 10 October 2011, 04:01

In this post, I will cover the Secret Weapons loved by Goblin coaches the world over.

******EDIT: Star players next post.

Goblin Secret Weapons

Before I go on into detail on the match ups of Weapons vs type of teams I want to give a brief note over the Weapons in general. As I said in my previous post, many people feel the whole point of the Goblin roster is the weapons, to use them is for the weapons, they will not work without the weapons, etc etc. In my opinion, this is a great misconception.

For those not in the know, the Goblin team used to be simply 0-16 Goblins, with the choice of having two trolls or two ogres. During this time the Secret Weapons were Star Players and could only be purchased through cash and their rules were slightly different, though fundamentally the same. In this case it was common to see likely one weapon the odd game here and there but otherwise, the Goblin coach would likely only be working with 13-14 Goblins and his two trolls.

What relevance does this have to the current Goblins and rules? After dabbling in this myself, while overall there was no major difference in my W/L ratio, my Goblin team tended to overall work far more consistently and efficiently without the weapons. While in the end I went full circle and chose to plop a chainsaw back into my roster, if anything it would make great practice for those who want to step-up beyond the initial "Play purely for fun" mindset of the Goblin team and want to, in some form compete. If anything it can be great practice for when your weapons will inevitably cough up on you, so that at least you don't feel like a fish out of water. What is important though is that you don't put all your plans based around the success of the weapons, it is BOUND to fail more often than not. As in the chart in my last post, use them as assets than as a core part of your plans. Albeit a very erratic one.

That said, and to cut this semi rant short, the Weapons can still turn the tide of games on good days, and with the right preparation and use of them, hopefully they can have a more positive influence in your matches than otherwise.

Weapon Management:

If you are going to be fielding at least two (or more) weapons, here are some quick bits of advice to get the most out of them:

There are normally two ways Goblin coaches like to use their weapons

1. Start as kicker with none of the weapons on field and save all of them for the second half.

The main issue here is that a lot of Goblin coaches are unaware how to maintain/play defensively without weapons, so the enemy coach can simply grind down your numbers and force the weapons on before the second half.

To avoid this, I would suggest Field one weapon on defense and one weapon on offense. The bomber and chainsaw can excel on either roles, while the fanatic IMO excels in offense.

2. Throw every weapon on the field starting on offense

Perhaps the most common method for Goblin coaches if they win the coin toss. Start on offense, throw everything you got at the enemy and attempt to gut the oppositions numbers and positional players. This will go one of two ways. Either you will utterly annihilate the enemy lineup, clear half the pitch and run in for a touchdown.


Stuff will go wrong, your weapons will malfunction and kill themselves/get gang banged, and you will not score and/or be 1-0 down. At this point the goblin coach, feeling like a Squig out of its dung pile, will feel naked without their weapons and likely get flattened in the following half. This can also be caused due to poor risk management [Or just plain bad luck] on the Goblin coaches part, but I will cover risk management with the team as a whole after the next post. Suffice to say, it would be in the Goblin coaches best intentions to learn how to act with just his Gobbo grunts and trolls to prepare for this scenario.

Weapon Match Ups

As great as they are, one issue I found during my earlier games when using all the weapons was their difficulty in matchups. Some weapons work far better in some match ups than others, as normally the chainsaw won't have the fortune of cutting through the Av9 of an Orc lineman. Similarly the Fanatic will have issues in even denting any of the faster more agile teams. I will also discuss what are the best uses of each weapon following their match up lists.

Chainsaw/Looney Image

Ded Killy versus: Pro Elves, High Elves, Wood Elves, Skaven, Amazons, Norse, Halflings, Gobbos, Ogres

Duffed over by: Orcs, Dwarfs, Chaos Dwarfs

Sorta Killy: Chaos, Undead, Necromantic, Dark Elf, Lizardmen


The Chainsaw is by far the safest and most diverse weapon in the Goblin roster. A solid blitzer vs any Av7 Roster and viable on both offense or defense, I would normally not leave home without one if I could help it. On both offense and Defense I tend to keep him behind the rest of the Goblins. In Defense this is to act as a line back, in case anyone is fortunate enough to break through. On Offense I will use him a square or two away from the ball carrier to act as a bodyguard or to take out anyone lucky enough to steal the ball.

While I have listed that the Chainsaw is poor vs the Av9 players, this is more in the traditional sense. As I said above, he is the most diverse for a reason, and even Av9 will have something to worry about when it is fouled with a +3 bonus. Generally vs the Av9 rosters, I would suggest getting two goblins for an assist then foul with the chainsaw on one of their positional players. That is +5 to the armour roll, even a Black Orc is going to likely feel the hurt from that. Also do not waste the chainsaw in picking off linemen unless you have to. The chainsaw is there to take out key players, such as Elven Catchers, Wardancers, or blitzers. Let the rest of your goblins pick off the less important liners, and let the chainsaw kill off the important parts of the opposition.

Another note is the tendency for the Looney to be one shotted, also receiving +3 when it is knocked over. In this regard, the mere threat of the chainsaw alone can work in your favour. During my early days as a BB player, it was common to see a looney blitz the closest enemy in proximity and left exposed. The following turn he would be blitzed out of the game. In offense, let the enemy come to you, by keeping the chainsaw by your ball carrier but either out of range or covered by a screen of goblins further up to prevent getting picked off. The opponent will either attempt to call your bluff and risk a player or two to sneak around back field, or they will hold their ground, giving you more space/freedom to move around the pitch. Regardless of his use, a solid player all round, except when the dreaded snake eyes for his backfire roll occurs.

One other strategy I know which was popular involved making a box around the Looney, blitzing a nearby player, then continue boxing. Perhaps vs Av7 teams this *could* be viable, and while statistically this is likely to happen more than otherwise, relying on the looney at a key moment to crack open a gap, unless there is no way to get a 2d block, will never end well. I have learned this from experience!


Fanatic Image

Ded Killy Versus: All forms of bashy i.e: Orcs, Dwarfs, Chaos, Lizardmen
Zoggin Useless: All kinds of Elven teams,

The fanatic is far more straight forward than the chainsaw. Essentially the king of the Line of Scrum, mainly on offense, there is no LOS which can hold against the absurd St7 whirlwind of death which is the Fanatic. While some people like to use him on defense, in my experience the fanatic excels on offense, especially vs the likes of Dwarfs and Orcs where he can clear the way for your trolls to get stuck in.

However, while a remarkable piece to use vs the more bashier teams, the Fanatic to me is mostly redundant vs any decent Elven coach or one knowledgeable of the Goblin weapons. Easy to dodge away from, slow, and random movement, the elves can easily leave him in the dust. In addition to this, although not as common amongst bashy teams, any coach who is not ignorant of the fanatics capabilities will simply spread out their Line of scrum to the fullest, minimizing the potential damage the fanatic can do. It is this reason I feel, while the fanatic can be good, he is also very easy to counter.

Spreading the line of scrum and plopping three linemen on the front tends to render the fanatic somewhat ineffective, and the majority of players tend to spin the fanatic around a single target in order to kill him. Adding up his Mv3, he is rather easy to avoid. However on offense, using him as a sort of "anchor" for your screens/box can prove to be somewhat effective, but ideally its best not to wholly rely on his random movement to keep him on the same path.

Only a foolish opposing coach would neglect his positioning to gang up on a fanatic, so at least vs the less experienced coaches he can also act as a remarkable distraction to give your gobbos more breathing space.


Da Bomber Image

Good vs: Slower teams/bashers i.e Nurgle, Chaos, Dwarfs
Zoggin nutz/bad vs: ALL kinds of Elves.

I would be lying to you if I said that this weapon was in any way safe. While I have mentioned that the bomber is "good" vs the bashy teams, I can assure you this guy is arguably the most dangerous weapon in the roster....to you! Using this guy on both the tabletop and Cyanide game, I can assure you this weapon is not only the least reliable and likely to be useless, but also the most costly.

While on paper this guy sounds like a lot of fun, the immense risk which comes with throwing a bomb can completely turn the tide of a match. With the chance for the bomb to be intercepted, caught, or even miss, it is rather difficult to get any consistent performance from this goblin. He has been responsible for winning me exactly one game. He has lost me at least fifteen, where by that point he had blown himself up. He was also responsible for having a bomb scatter and kill Ripper Bolgrot, my ball carrier and himself in a single bomb. To be perfectly blunt: HE IS NOT WORTH IT!

I cannot put more emphasis on the above statement. ANY coach, any enemy coach who is stupid enough to box up while in the presence of a bomber, deserves the bomb to be thrown at them, however most coaches are smart enough to hold a lose screen, meaning even if the bomber hits, he is only striking one player. Vs Elves you may as well be asking for the Elves to toss back, as with interception of 5+ and the ability to catch on a 2+ if it lands on their square...yeah, not much else to say on this guy.

The only real use for this guy is getting HMP on a double, and even then, those 6 SPP could be easily going to a goblin, whom may be limited in skills, is far more useful than a Goblin who is less safe than otherwise most of the time.

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Re: Goblin Tactics, Strategies and Builds

Postby HC-Vanselow » 10 October 2011, 07:58

:mrgreen: Bloody brilliant write up on developing a Goblin team, Gitsy. What's your earliest experiences with the mischevious lil' green bastards ???

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Re: Goblin Tactics, Strategies and Builds

Postby Managarn » 10 October 2011, 20:13

good stuff gitsy, but dont forget that the looney role is effective agaisnt high AV team. Its just his role of blitzer is limited and become more of a fouler. +3 on av roll for fouling is nothing to scoff at. and with some bribe you can easily tears a new one to any bash team by removing some of their key player. Dont forget that no team has nothing but 9av.

Dwarf have 4 8av player and the 2 troll slayer who are often in the thick of the fight(or atleast near your troll) are usually easy to blitz. Chaos and nurgle have plenty of AV8 around. Orc are the only problem as their only av8 is usually the most protected guy on the team but just foul their blitzer/black orc instead.

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Re: Goblin Tactics, Strategies and Builds

Postby Gitsy » 10 October 2011, 23:05

Da Star Players

Unlike many other teams, the Goblin team will inevitably see their TV progress in a snail's pace in comparison to the regular teams over the course of a season or two. As such, Star Players actually become quite a frequent sight on the Goblin team and they can also level the playing field greatly. While certainly not game winners (normally) I find they act as tremendous equalizers to the Goblin roster and can easily turn a very one sided fight into a pretty close one.

While we are limited in the Cyanide Version unfortunately, I will cover all of them for those of you fortunate enough like myself to have access to a Table top league, which is second to none in terms of enjoyment.

Da Stars

Cyanide: Image Image Image

: Image Image Image

Ripper Bolgrot a.k.a Big Blue :


Cost 270k
Stats: 4-6-1-9
Abilities: Loner, Regeneration, Throw Team-mate, Grab, Mighty Blow
Role: Road Block/Screen, Blitzer, Blocker, Goblin tosser, SMASHIN STUFF!

My personal favourite star player in the game, and my #1 choice if I can take him. Without stupid and Str 6, this guy is an absolute wonder for the Goblin team. Can either be used as a roadblock for the LOS [Unless its clawed Chaos], a blitzer, or smashing through the Line of Scrum, you can get a lot out of Ripper.

For defense, no team has an easy time going through three trolls, and if played right, can grind a rolling box in its tracks. It is advisable if you are going to use him as a blitzer or just a blocker to ALWAYS get at least one assist. He may not have stupid but he does have loner, so it is best to minimize the risk by opening up 3 dice blocks as much as possible with this guy. In a similar manner I would do the same on offense, but hopefully you have at least one guard so you don't have to move anyone to get the first shot off.

Ripper is more than capable of taking a beating, with Av9, Regeneration and coming at a nice juicy price of 270k, I would recommend taking this guy if given the opportunity over all else. While he is tough, he is far from invulnerable , so don't throw him in unsupported, he should be with his two troll buddies breaking heads.

On offense he can act as a superb spear-head to an attack and with two trolls and adequate Goblin support, can easily blast a wedge up the side of the pitch leaving many fallen opposition in his wake. Just remember if possible get an assist for the 3d block, failing this, bite your lip and go for the 2d block, but only after positioning goblins to secure the ball. A wonderful star whom I rate very highly, even more than Morg, as Regen acts as an in-built apothecary to let Big Blue back into the action, not to mention his affordable cost.

Further more, unlike other Trolls, he can Throw team-mate with only a straight up 2+ or 3+ roll, making it considerably easier to get your goblin into the air. The best star at your disposal, hands down.

Morg 'n' Thorg a.k.a The Accident


Cost: 430k
Stats: 6-6-3-10
Abilities: Loner,Thick skull, Throw-Team Mate, Mighty Blow, Block
Role: Almost everything Ripper can do but better.

Ah Morg. Str 6, Av 10, Movement 6, and with an Agility of 3, heck he even has block! You can't really ask for much better as far as a bashy star is concerned. Unfortunately for Morg, he is hired for an absurdly high 430k gold, which even for an underdog team like Goblins, is a lot to ask for. Statistically and ability wise he is extremely good, reliable, and arguably better than Ripper in this regard, but it is his cost which brings him down and brings his value into question.

As in the description above, he essentially acts as a faster, stronger and more reliable Ripper, but with far greater cost, 160k more to be exact. I would like to justify purchasing Morg, I really would, but if you have a choice between just Morg or another inducement, for his cost I would much rather get Ripper and a Wizard/bribes.

Further more, with the increasing rise of Claw, Piling on and Mighty Blow combo, while he is far more reliable than Ripper due to block in terms of blocking, he is in actuality far more vulnerable, having only thick skull. Ripper comes with regeneration, making it a 50% chance if he is killed/maimed, he will return, once Morg is down, he is down and you will likely have no fall backs either.

On a positive note however, if you are fortunate enough to have enough inducements to get both Ripper and Morg, DO SO. Ripper by himself makes for a decent spear head, but with both Morg, Ripper AND [Hopefully] two experienced trolls to back them up, its like having a spear head tipped with a squig with rabies. In one game before, vs a very experienced Nurgle team, Ripper and Morg literally ripped their way up the right wing while my two trolls held down the centre, easily blasting a gap open for my goblins to get through.

Outside of this scenario I would put the big fellow aside for the cheaper and almost as good Big Blue above.

Scrappa Sorehead a.k.a Da Twit


Cost: 150k
Stats: 7-2-3-7
Abilities: Loner, Dirty Player, Dodge, Leap, Right Stuff, Sprint, Stunty, Sure Feet, Very Long Legs
Role: A Pseudo runner/fouler, trash

In a word: WASTE. Scrappa is a glorified version of the regular pogo goblin at rip-off price. Having loner, he cannot do anything reliably except dodging, and as a star player, he is far too costly to even consider fouling, and even if so, likelihood is he will be depitched vs a far more cheaper opposing player. And why would you even consider giving a star player the ball ? You need SPP, not this nut. For 150k, you are FAR better off getting bribes/babes, heck even a wizard! Scrappa may look funny, but that is all he is really, if you fight someone foolish enough to hire this guy, grin, and smash their team apart. A worthless star player and the worst amongst all the Goblin stars bar none.


Nobbla Blackwart a.k.a OH ****


Cost: 130k
Stats: 6-2-3-7
Abilities: Loner, Block, Dodge, Chainsaw, Stunty

If Big Blue were not present in Blood Bowl, this guy would be my favourite star player hands down. While fundamentally, Nobbla too seems like a glorified weapon, and too coming with loner meaning less reliable, he also has BLODGE. He may cost more than double the roster chainsaw, but he trades reliability/safety for durability and in my experience he is an awesome star!

While the chainsaw normally comes with a massive target, this guy may as well have a mega phone attached to him screaming "HIT ME! HIT ME!". He is certainly a risky investment, no doubt, however fielding this guy allows you to have TWO chainsaws simultaneously on the field. With blodge too he can easily be thrown into the thick of things and have a fairly decent chance coming out in one piece. I would recommend similar to a chainsaw, aim for high value targets, except with less restraint. You buy this guy SOLELY to kill the enemy best player, while your roster chainsaw should be staying back with your ball carrier to pick off any strays.

Yes he could kick back in the first blitz, which is always pretty dis-heartening, but in practice? To me at least, if you got the extra inducements to get him, GET HIM! A solid albeit unreliable star.


Fungus the Loon


Cost: 80k
Stats: 4-7-3-7
Abilities: Ball & Chain, Mighty Blow, Secret WEapon, Stunty, No Hands
Role: Smashing apart the Line of Scrum

Fungus is basically a charged up fanatic with loner. In contrast to both Scrappa and Nobbla who are extremely expensive in comparison to their on-roster counter parts, Fungus is a mere 10k more than the regular fanatic.With it he brings +1 MV and Mighty Blow. In actuality, he is cheaper than his roster counterpart, if you count skills. Vs the likes of Strength 3 Rosters or even some Str 4, Fungus should be a no brainer. While yes he does have loner, he moves and extra square and comes with Mighty blow, making him more capable of breaking apart the line of scrum.

Similarly too to Nobbla, who lets you have two chainsaws, Fungus allows you to field TWO fanatics in the one drive. NO LINE OF SCRUM OF ANY KIND, would be capable of enduring both Fungus and the regular fanatic from smashing apart the mid-field. Also since he is using Block Dice over the D6 like Nobbla, he is also considerably more reliable. Coming too at a notoriously cheap 80k, Fungus is definitely a bargain. Nice model too in the tabletop!


Bomber Dribblesnot


Cost: 60k
Stats: 6-2-3-7
Abilities: Bombardier, Dodge, Accurate, Right Stuff, Secret Weapon, Stunty
Role: Blowing gits up!

Similar to Fungus, Bomber Dribblesnot is a very cheap Star Player. Also too he is far more reliable than his cheap counter part. While the regular bomber does allow Re Rolls, Dribblesnot from a quick to short pass, will only fumble on a 1, allowing you the chance to take longer shots with 1/6 chance of fumbling. Accurate helps to cancel out Stunty, hence the bonus up top. However I have only used him once, and the bomb was intercepted then nuked one of my trolls, so it should be assumed that he comes with all the risks of a regular bomber.

However with the extra bonus of being able to hit spot on/fumble less than his roster counter part, he should not be written off. Plus who doesn't like a Goblin with a pirate hat? In all seriousness though, worthy choice of thinking about but should also take the usual precautions of a regular bomber. His main selling point however, is that he is the cheapest star player in the game, and if you can, you could easily shell out some of your own cash to get him. Affordable, cheap, and semi-reliable.

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Re: Goblin Tactics, Strategies and Builds

Postby HC-Vanselow » 11 October 2011, 08:15

:x My Killwhackee Schmucks Goblin Bomber, Hanabi Punchpuke, only further proves that he is indeed the most perplexingly worthless weapon on my rolodex. In 39 games, all he has accomplished is collecting MVP honours once and chucking explosives for 248 yards. Mr. Punchpuke's days are numbered, especially when you look at our ferocious Fanatic, Squirt Rockscum who in 41 games has amassed 4 MVP's, 1 touchdown, 7 casualties, 12 K.O.'s and 9 TC's. I'm still waiting for him to smash a High Elves skull to smithereens and see if they'll still be laughing in that gay-ass fashion that they do afterwards, but he is the most tenured player on the squad and a friggin' fan favourite !!!. Otherwise, Gitsy, I'll keep coming back to this thread as the Goblins were the second race I ever used in Blood Bowl back in 1988. Keep up the good work.

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Re: Goblin Tactics, Strategies and Builds

Postby HC-Vanselow » 13 October 2011, 07:18

:( I just painfully witnessed my Goblins get demolished by some Dwarf team which included Booger Slimetrick's 22 game career come to an end, but it was balanced out by our Troll, Zandali Shatterspear killing a Longbeard. Do any Goblin coaches have strategies for the times they take on Dwarves to lessen the casualties ???

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Re: Goblin Tactics, Strategies and Builds

Postby Blacksierra » 13 October 2011, 15:39

@Gitsy very nice Articles - thanks !!!

so my thoughts:

for an unskilled Gobbo on a double roll I would rather take Sure Hands than Block ... as against AGI Teams it might get important to secure Ball prior to do any Blocks and pretty much every Gobbo Block Action is Dangerous also its nice for Ball Stealing out of several TZ giving a 30% success chance for the 6+ roll. Also and I have not tried it but wouldn't it be more useful to take wrestle over block ?

The Bomber is defiantly unreliable - I have the impression he does blow himself up every time he is on the field ... still for the usual desperate situations a gobbo team gets itself into he just might be a Game turner (very unlikely but hope dies last) and he is nice vs. Dwarves ...

if You really desperately want to have a chance and You do not get Rippa / Morg You might try with having him receive, three Gobbos wide spread at LOS (most likely You will loose only one as CAS or KO) and play Trolls very Deep in Your Half with some Bomber's support just to delay game and if he scores go for a flying Gobb TD ... and second Half just try to wear him down with Balls and Chains and Troll hits ...

just my thoughts ...

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Re: Goblin Tactics, Strategies and Builds

Postby HC-Vanselow » 13 October 2011, 15:57

:mrgreen: Thank you, Black Sierra. Choosing "Wrestle" over "Block" is an interesting proposition for Goblins and something I might personally try on my next player to level up. Hmmm, Hanabi Punchpuke's bomb throwing skills are questionable, but I know that the Killwhackee Schmucks Squirt Rockscum would love to pulverize some Dwarves with his ball and chain. I've never been a tremendously huge fan of chucking Goblins, but it might be time to snap out of it. I'll let you know how my next Killwhackee Schmucks game goes all the same, wether it's Dwarves or not.

HC Vanselow of the mischevious Killwhackee Schmucks.

P.S. We welcomed a new chainsaw wielding psychopath in Makita Vomitgrill who will make his debut in the next game. Sadly we lost Booger Slimetrick who had "block" and played in 22 games for us before getting stomped into the afterlife by one of the bearded bastards (Well I'll
kind of refrain as I also have a Dwarven team in my rolodex too)

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