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Re: Goblin Tactics, Strategies and Builds

Postby GaryW » 12 July 2013, 23:06

My Fanatic and Super Gob are still alive :) Fanatic has gone up to level 5 and now has Grab.

My fouling gob has just made level 5, has Dirty Player, Sneaky Git, and Sure Feet. Only got a normal roll, so for me it is between Side Step or Sprint. I won't be firing him, as he is only the one I have and plus I am going for the Death record in FOL, has 6 kills! What skill would be ideal for him?

I have a TV of around 1600, which is high according to the guide but I coming round to conclusion that in MM, it doesn't really matter (league play is another matter). I have been matched against teams with very low TV to very high TV so you can never plan to have bribes, the main reason why you really want to have a lower TV than your opponent.

Which then leads me to tactics :D

I have been loosing pretty much all my games this season in FOL and have a really bad record, but have played my first season in a well known league and ended up with 0-2-7 record. I decided to watch a few replays from a really good goblin coach in that league, and my last couple of games in FOL have been a lot better, a draw and a win. And the win was actually by outplaying a killer Chaos team, rather than my others being a rookie goblin team and the coaches quitting because I kicked them off the pitch.

What I have fathomed is that its a good idea to try and stretch the opposition, so they don't come hurtling towards you knocking out the way, which they can do rather easily. I have tended to clump my players together, loosely but in the middle. By placing a gobs on the wings, this has meant they have to be marked, taking away players from the middle. This just opens up the field of play, giving you more room to maneuver and find gaps to exploit. Seems rather obvious but this is something I have missed.

Anyone else agree? Any other thoughts?

Having a gob with +AG is also a must have, have two now on the team :)

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Re: Goblin Tactics, Strategies and Builds

Postby Nodi » 15 July 2013, 11:15

+AG is really great, and to have some players with side step for sides. They will be really annoying for your opponent and stop the frenzy threat.

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Re: Goblin Tactics, Strategies and Builds

Postby stuw23 » 08 June 2014, 14:21

First off, thanks to Gitsy for the opening posts. Incredibly informative, thank you!

I've been playing goblins in multiplayer, and finding them a lot more fun than my usual Chaos team. Stunty and Dodge makes for some moves that have no right to actually work, and the weapons and trolls can put real hurt on teams. It's a lot of fun, even if my fanatic is having awful luck (first game he was KO'd by a pitch invasion on the first turn and never woke up; second match he was sent off after one turn, and my bribe failed). I'm expecting my team to get slaughtered soon, though. With the two levels up I've had so far on my new team, I've had a double on my pogoer, and a double on one of my trolls. Fun times.

I really do recommend people give the team a go, though. Unless you're the sort that only finds fun in winning, goblins really do offer something different and highly enjoyable... and very unpredictable!

Edit - well, I was sorta right. Just lost my next match 3-1, failing a crazy number of basic dodges and pick-ups in the first half to gift my elf opponent two TDs. However, my fanatic managed to level up, and I rolled yet another double. So I now have three players with block, and I'm expecting all to die very soon! :mrgreen:

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