Orc Tactics, Strategies and Builds

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Re: Orc Tactics, Strategies and Builds

Postby ghmongo » 05 March 2013, 01:54

Yeah, knock down the Saurus, mark those you can't (as well as mark the krox) and use the rest to go skink hunting. Kinda ignore the Krox unless he doesn't bonehead at all and ends up everywhere sticking his tail in your face (especially if he has Break Tackle).
This is what the Lizard coach wants you to do. Your fastest players are MA6. His SLOWEST players are MA6. If you try to bash with him he will simply run by you and score.

Playing man-to-man against Lizards is a recipe for disaster. You might get one, maybe two blocks per turn considering your ST4 matches his ST4 and then he has two extra ST4 to knock you around. His players are faster, and if he's smart, he'll keep your Blitzers off of his Skinks (or bait your Blitzers into chasing non-essential Skinks while he is setting up a scoring play).

Play defense. Zone him out. Force HIM to mark YOUR players. Slide your defense to where his formation sets up, then leave a couple Blitzers behind to score. It's much easier to grind down a Lizard roster while you are on offense than while you are on defense.

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Re: Orc Tactics, Strategies and Builds

Postby Palandiell » 06 March 2013, 17:45

next game is against necros. I assume I have to to take down the were wolves fast, but what else should I do/ be weary of? The ghul probably since he has dodge right?

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Re: Orc Tactics, Strategies and Builds

Postby Orcacide » 06 March 2013, 19:15

With necro it's all about destroying positionals. You want to spend as little time hitting zombies and flesh golems as possible and as much time hitting wights, ghouls, and wolves.

After those 6 players are gone, it's easy street.

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Re: Orc Tactics, Strategies and Builds

Postby Palandiell » 04 April 2013, 09:11

I want to talk about BoB and Blitzer builds

My first blitzer generally gets MB (if I am in a league where there are a few stunty teams, then tackle) and I try to build 2 guys to be killer blitzers (MB, PO on both. Afterwards it depends on the situation what I take as a 3rd skill. the other two I want to give tackle, strip ball and frenzy/jugg to be able to break cages better and get me the ball on def. THis way I got 2 def and 2 off blitzers. Are those good builds?

For Bob I only have a very limited approach. ALL get guard first and then block second. afterwards its either MB or standfirm, which is awesome with guard. But besides a general build for BoB (guard, block SF/MB) I dont see them having too many different building opportunities (also due to the MA 4)
Do you guys know a build you could suggest for my big guys that would be worht it?

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Re: Orc Tactics, Strategies and Builds

Postby Colonel Panic » 04 April 2013, 11:17

I build my Black Orcs exactly the way you describe, Guard first, then Block. Once two or three are developed, I've considered taking Block first, it depends on your schedule and whether you feel you already have enough Guard. I also field a Troll who gets Guard first. (Note, I play in scheduled leagues mostly, this might be excessive in MM). But the order doesn't matter much, Black Orcs need Block and Guard and there's not much else to take on your first few skills. Barring +ST, of course. I can't recall otherwise ever rolling doubles on a Black Orc, and I'd probably ignore them at least until they have Guard and Block.

And don't worry that this feels boring and mindless. If you liked distinctive, original builds, you wouldn't have rolled Orcs ;)

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Re: Orc Tactics, Strategies and Builds

Postby Palandiell » 04 April 2013, 13:08

I am planning on joining some leagues for the next seasons. So I guess I will get a troll, which I don't in MM. A troll always seems to rocket your TV up in MM, but I guess in a league TV isn't as important.

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Re: Orc Tactics, Strategies and Builds

Postby Palandiell » 05 April 2013, 13:20

playing a necro team next game.

They have 2 werwolves, one ghul, 2 flesh golum, 2 wights and 5 zombies. One zombie has block, one wight has guard.

My team (4 blitz, 4 BOB, 1 Trol, 1 Throw, 2 field) has a str 4 blitzer, a MB blitzer, a tackle blitzer, a BoB with guard and an AG 2 field player

I don't think my opponent likes his ghul, but if he does, obviously my tackle bllitzer wil be at his side. Lets say though he doesn't field the ghul.

How should I play against him? I shouldn't be hitting his zombies and golums right, I should try to kill his werwolves and wights to remove his chance of making a TD. So my troll goes up front with his flesh golums and one of my BoB will have to be there too probably. My blitzers will try to be free and get his positionals. I doubt he will play through the middle but use the sides with his slight MA advantage. And I am not sure where to put my guard BoB. He is slow, so I was thinking putting him next to my troll with the golums and just keeping the big guys down.

Does this sound like a reasonable strategy on defense? On offense I will just cage, fodder my field guys to his flesh golums and try to advance while hurting his positionals.

If you notice that I am missing something, please tell me

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Re: Orc Tactics, Strategies and Builds

Postby Palandiell » 07 April 2013, 14:21

Ok, I manged to pull of a lucky turn 16 TD against him. 2 GFI and a 50% catch got me that one TD (even though he was lucky I didn'T get a TD at turn 8 when I stole his ball)

First I was on def. I blocked him well, pushed up on the left side with my extra str blitzer while only letting him get foward VERY slow on the right side. He tried to switch fields and go elfy with the wolves but I got them down. Failed the damn handover for the TD though.

My time to attack. Here is where the problems arise
z=zombie G=Golems
w= wights g=ghul

----|-------|---- (LoS)

T=Troll, B= BoB, b =Blitzer, t =Thrower, f=field

This formation isn't really exact (forgot some of his back lines and where exactly I placed my BoB and Blitzers. But his LoS is correct plus the Golems slighty placed to the sides. These guys were the worst) it went like this. I caught the ball due to the start even, and put my thrower behind my LoS guys (I space) a bit of protection on each side and then I go for his wight on the left side. I pretend to push more left and then try to shift over to the right, back to the left and then finally broke through on the right (at turn 14!)

My issue was, I couldn't get any of his guys down (1 zombie injured) and he koed one BoB. His LoS was holding (didn't really use my troll often, too scared) and his ghuls immediatly block and possibilitiey of to get a cage on a side that was able to advance. I really got frustrated, because I couldn'T hit his Werwolves or his ghul, because he protected them nice, and he really had a solid def line which kept pushing my guys back. I finally broke through on the right hand side, when my +STR blitzer knocked over his guy 2 squares away from the outline, towards the outline and I got a striaght line basically where I blocked all his guys from pushing towards my ball carrier. I had positioned one blitzer upfront, in case of an emergency pass/handover. Blitzed him free, handed him the ball, TD. Great. But what sucked was that I need about 5 turns till I got a hole up where I could penetrate his def. Any advice from you guys how to have prevented such much time wasting on my side?

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Re: Orc Tactics, Strategies and Builds

Postby Blood Maven » 07 April 2013, 17:23

You really dont want to subject your Bobs to the LOS if you can help it when defending, especially if they have any skills. If you are using a Troll then a good def set-up is like this.

......... I ....LTL.... I .........
.....B.. I ..B .... B .. I... B....
..Bz....I Bz........Bz..I ....Bz..

Troll + linemen on LOS
all 4 Black Orcs 2 spaces back from LOS
all 4 Blitzers on the wings of the Bobs

This allows you flexibility, survivabilty and mobility vs where ever the kick goes and what ever side the opp tries to push.

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Re: Orc Tactics, Strategies and Builds

Postby Palandiell » 07 April 2013, 20:04

I use that formation already on def. I was on the OFFENSE during this situation.

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