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Re: To kick or not to kick

Posted: 26 October 2015, 23:44
by GreedyGutter
I actually started receiving practically in all games. Valcurdra summed it up pretty good. 8-)

By now I also kick first if possible against Bash. Against Scorer-Teams I would say it depends. You can't see the roster, but you have an idea depending on their players and TV what you're up against.

For example, with my skavens against Wood-Elves... good chance to get nummerical advantage and no good going for a to fast TD, I'd rather keep my guys together to have some safety from their Wardancers. So I go Receive, score lately if possible and be aggresive on the ball-carrier with some risks and hopefully more players on the pitch in the second half. If I mess up badly in second half he scores last turn. If I do good, I can force him to score early. When it's great I manage to obtain the ball.

Against High-Elves, I'd rather go kick. Defending with a full squad against them isn't easy, but you get
a) a decent chance to get the ball
b) your LOS players are in no great danger
c) you can score even late in 1st half (I normally have a 1TTD player)
d) control the second drive


Re: To kick or not to kick

Posted: 27 October 2015, 07:24
by sann0638
Worth mentioning the wizard too, which can be a game changer. If I have a wizard then I will sometime receive when otherwise I would kick, as it keeps the threat alive for longer. See also: Chainsaw :D

Re: To kick or not to kick

Posted: 14 December 2015, 05:21
by HC Vanselow
:D I'm from the school of kick and the first lineman on most of my teams gets the skill automatically. My Killadelfia Jinxers (Underworld) in the FOL are juggling between putting kick on a Goblin or Skaven Linerat ??? Putting it on the second Thrower crossed my mind, yet there's so many more important skills for them to choose from.