Doubles for 1st skill on lineman

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Re: Doubles for 1st skill on lineman

Postby twitch/the_sage_bb » 16 May 2016, 07:51

i second guard. The role of lineman is a supporting role to get 2 dice block for blitzer or slow down the opposition so the ball carrier can escape to the td. They are doomed to get damaged. Dodge will only be interesting if you decide that guy becomes a key player (like your runner with av8 but mvt6 )
I think dodge would make a decent second doubles after block guard. On a team like humans, I'd either give dodge to all blitzers on doubles (in which case I'd want it on a lineman or ogre second doubles too), or skip it on all of them (jump up for the blitzers, skip on the linemen). Dodge is the kind of skill that's meh if you have a few, and amazing if you have a ton. That's because a few dodge can be countered by tackle, but a lot of dodge will spread the tackle too thin.
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