So many options for level up

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So many options for level up

Postby Fischypants » 05 July 2016, 00:52

My fairly new bret. team (1040 tv prior to last game) just leveled 2 blitzers. 1 rolled double 5's. Do i give him the mv+, mighty blow, dodge? What do you guys think remember new team barely any lvl ups so far.
While were at what should i consider giving the other blitzer who rolled normal level up to level 2.

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Re: So many options for level up

Postby Valcurdra » 05 July 2016, 01:03

I have tried all and they are all good.

Personally, i would go for mb on a rookie. I would go dodge a guy who had +ag or had already been built into a ball carrier.

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