Tips & Tricks for a beginner ? [Orcs]

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Re: Tips & Tricks for a beginner ? [Orcs]

Postby Valcurdra » 18 August 2016, 21:26

Well, to be honest I don't care about "Don't try this, don't try that". I play to have fun, and I won't play a human team just because they are easy to learn. I just like Lizardmen... 6/4/1/9 is an awesome stat line for Saurus and I want to use it !

Though, Sage, what do you think about having a pair of Saurus with Block + Tackle + Mighty Blow ? Seems quite bashy no ?
Fair enough, I took the way you asked for advice the wrong way then lol.

With skinks you take a couple with catch for handing off and sidestep diving tackle can be a great combo.

You want to cycle them to get doubles and +ag if possible

I like the sarus build you mentioned and I also like to have 1-2 with break tackle early to add some easy blitzing opportunities.

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Re: Tips & Tricks for a beginner ? [Orcs]

Postby twitch/the_sage_bb » 19 August 2016, 09:00

Valcurda often has... views that from my own.
In my opinion (let's refrain from calling eachother wrong) catch is a skill that isn't worth taking, except on a dedicated oneturner who already has everything else he needs (say, an MA9 skink with sidestep, sure feet, sprint). Especially if most of your handoffs will be to saurus (as mine are).
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