Road To NAF Championships - Matchday 1

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Road To NAF Championships - Matchday 1

Postby dode74 » 04 January 2014, 20:01


Please arrange your games in this thread, or by PM with confirmation that arrangements have been made posted here.

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Re: Road To NAF Championships - Matchday 1

Postby looshkin » 04 January 2014, 20:10

Hi Carrilion, Im nobbynobbs. Im uk so gmt. can play whenever really except tuesday evening.

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Mercy Flush
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Re: Road To NAF Championships - Matchday 1

Postby Mercy Flush » 04 January 2014, 20:37

Group 13

Muggy Bonehead (Mercy Flush) Vs So Cold (Grish)

Hello Grish.

I'm generally available 7am - 5pm GMT UK timezone on Monday to Thursday.

Also might be able to play tonight or some time tomorrow - catch me on Steam chat for
quickest response.

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Re: Road To NAF Championships - Matchday 1

Postby Dionysian » 04 January 2014, 21:01

Hi Oventa,

I'm GMT timezone. How's Sunday 5th Jan afternoon 1400-1700 GMT start? Failing that I'm available most afternoons/early evenings and can often do a later evening slot with a little notice - let me know what works for you

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Re: Road To NAF Championships - Matchday 1

Postby zippy7575 » 04 January 2014, 21:03


Heya've got me (zippy75). I'm available most nights from 8:45pm UK time...

The best nights for me are: Tuesday, Wed and Friday at 8:45 onwards...let me know if there's a time that's best for you! Laters man!

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Re: Road To NAF Championships - Matchday 1

Postby Hawca » 04 January 2014, 21:32


Piranjade vs Hawca

Im UK times (GMT)

When is good for you?

Sunday 20.00 GMT
Tuesday 20.00 GMT
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Re: Road To NAF Championships - Matchday 1

Postby Antonlunau » 04 January 2014, 21:48


Greetings H4WK2013

We are playing round 1 in the Road to the NAF.

Im in Copenhagen, I can play the following (UK Times)

Monday From 7PM
Tuesday From 10PM
Wednesday From 7PM
Thursday From 8PM
Friday From 7PM
Sunday (the 12.) Daytime

Ive sent this both as a PM and on the forums.

Looking forward to playing you


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Re: Road To NAF Championships - Matchday 1

Postby shaeffer » 04 January 2014, 21:52

Group 11

Hi Sgt Thur

Looks like your Woodies vs my Necro's to get things started in the Road to NAF Championships!

On weekdays I can do anytime from 7pm GMT (except for Tuesday 7th)
Weekends I can be more flexible given notice

See you on the pitch!


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Re: Road To NAF Championships - Matchday 1

Postby BarmiArmi » 04 January 2014, 22:45

Group 2 - Barmi's Bruisers Vs Brighton and Hove Albion

Hi Insidious
Only a couple of weeks since our last meeting.
I can do the following
Sunday - All day but would prefer to keep the evenings free.
Monday - Have a game at 7pm so Either 5pm or 8.30pm onwards
Tuesday - Can't do
Wednesday/Thursday - 5.30pm onwards
Friday 6.30pm onwards
Saturday/Sunday (11th/12th) Available all day, can do the evening but would prefer not to.

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Re: Road To NAF Championships - Matchday 1

Postby greymurphy42 » 04 January 2014, 23:06

1-1 draw in group 9 between my skaven & Itchen's norse :) One of us will upload when we know where to put it ;)

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