Star Players List

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Star Players List

Postby cabans33 » 13 September 2015, 22:14


I have been taking a look to the star players video and to the beta game and came with the following list:

Dwarf: Barik Farblast  / Grim Ironjaw 

Chaos: Brick Far'th / Grotty / Grashnak Blackhoof 

Skaven: Glart Smashrip Jr. / Hakflem Skuttlespike /  Headsplitter 

Human: Griff Oberwald / Mighty Zug

Elfs (Dark/High): Horkon Heartripper (DE) / Hubris Rakarth (DE) / Roxana Dark Nail (DE) / Soaren Hightower (HE) / Eldril Sidewinder (HE/DE)

Orc: Varag Ghoul-Chewer / Reaper

All teams: Morg  
I have always wanted a PC Bloodbowl with all the Star players (have been complaining in these forums for a while :-) ) and I think this time is possible (wishful thinking, I know).

I base my optimism in the following:
- 3 Star players specific for Dark Elves (considering only base game races), Skaven and Chaos (Even though Brick and Grotty count as one Star Player) makes me think that in the base game all races will start with 3 specific star players (not considering Morg and Bretonia sharing star players with the Human race)

- With 3 star players per race when the game will be completed with all the teams we will surpass 59 star players (number of official star players in the table top game)

Do you also think the base game will come with something else than the 18 star players above? with 4 more we would reach 3 per team excluding Bretonia and Morg... (we would need 1 human - Helmut Wulf?, one dwarf (Flint Churnblade?), one orc ( Ugroth Bolgrot ?) and one high Elf (Prince Moranion?).

There is any info. I'm missing regarding star players?


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Re: Star Players List

Postby Evilstein » 14 September 2015, 04:21

There is 6 Star Player per Team in the real Blood Bowl. See the Rule Book.
Amazon will bring Zara for Human, Dwaves, Elf Undead will bring Luthor and so on.
But you need really more (like for the skaven exclusive Stars).

At least we have +1 star per race per Blood Bowl, so maybe in BBowl 4....

I share your wishes but (Cyanide) history told us that, you would'nt have them.... :cry:
BTW In Blood Bowl 1, you can already have all the Stars if you play direct IP.
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