Fix the apo : Dead apo Dead 100%

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Re: Fix the apo : Dead apo Dead 100%

Postby rinku » 17 October 2015, 22:59

A key point for the OP is that an Apo is just a reroll. The D68 roll always has a 1/6 chance of death (results 61-68) and so does the reroll. You get the choice, and if either roll is "Badly Hurt" (3/6 chance each roll) they go to reserves. Getting two death results is much the same as rolling double skulls on a two dice block. You have free choice of which skull to apply...

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Re: Fix the apo : Dead apo Dead 100%

Postby Blackjaton » 19 October 2015, 10:56

Again a blitzer lvl 5 dead apo dead.

So 6+8 reroll 6+8. Normal !

This game hates me.

I think it's a sign of God, inviting me to stay very far from this satanic addictive full of randomness game. I pass too much time on it and each match i play it rains 1, 2 and skulls.

And every coach i meet tell me "usually i'm not that lucky". :lol:

so Blood bowl ----> go to hell i hate you too. :evil:

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