Beginner vs AI; some observations

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Beginner vs AI; some observations

Postby botulf1311 » 20 October 2015, 07:50

I have played 32 games vs the AI now. More than half of the games with Bretonnians and the rest with High Elves.
I'm a total beginner in BB, never played any other version.

The stats:
26 wins, 5 Draws and 1 loss
52 touchdowns for and 13 against
21,4 % more blocks than AI on average. (44 to 36 average blocks)

As a beginner I only lost 3% of my games. And still, I know I suck compared to some streamers I've seen :D.
The main improvement I would like to see is a better block-management system for the AI. He is constantly throwing blocks that will limt his options for follow up blocks.
The AI also never feel the urgency to score towards the end of the half as been stated on the forums before. I have had situations where the AI is standing with the ball one step from a touchdown on turn 8. He only has to GFI but doesn't do it!

If some small improvements can be made in these 2 departments I would be more than pleased.
I know I should be playing vs people but I love to be able to pause and attend to other stuff in life.

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Re: Beginner vs AI; some observations

Postby rinku » 20 October 2015, 10:00

I was playing some BBCE today (Chaos vs Chaos) and honestly I felt like the AI was actually smarter than I've been seeing in BB2.

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Re: Beginner vs AI; some observations

Postby Danefield » 20 October 2015, 11:08

I agree with botulf1311. The solo player game is an important part of the game, because you can play and pause when you like to (please give us an opportunity to save the game - it should be so simple to program).

I find the AI lacks the interest in carrying the ball forward and never takes any risk to score - perhaps you (Cyanide) could try to turn that up a bit. You (again Cyanide) said that the AI is loaded from the sever (sewer? sorry I could not help myself) before game start and that every race has its own AI, so it should be easy to game test a more offensive AI (you could start with the skaven, they really suck)

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Re: Beginner vs AI; some observations

Postby vernonezzell » 20 October 2015, 12:58

I stopped playing solo cause AI refuses to score and I have seen no improvements in AI over BB1. Was undefeated after 26 games while taking extreme risks with a Bret Team. The AI was one step from end zone no one around him, hadn't moved yet at all and refused to score there was no risk involved in turn 8 no dice roll needed.

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