Necromantic team coming this week!

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Necromantic team coming this week!

Postby Netheos » 05 September 2016, 16:54

Hey Coaches,

We're pleased to announce that the Necromantic team will be joining the pitches of Blood Bowl 2 on PC/Mac Thursday September 8th around 7PM (CEST).

Full Patch Notes HERE.

The console version of the update is currently going through the certification process and should arrive in a few weeks.

In order to ease your wait, here is a first screenshot of our creepy friends:


This new update features several other changes (e.g an option to disable the auto focus of the camera during the opponent turn), as well as a brand new system for the official ladder system of the game!

With the help of several leagues administrators known among the BB2 community, we created a new ranking system (click for more details) which will be released with a new season system described below.

New Season System
  • Two ladders in 2 separate leagues:
    • A free ladder open to "new team" only. It's a playground where you can quickly find a game. Reset of the Leaderboard every season.
    • A "competitive" ladder with strict rules ( 5 concessions maximum per coach per season, teams and leaderboard reset at the beginning of each season)
  • Approximatively 2-month seasons.
  • A pause of 2 days between each season in the free ladder to allow the market place to be used.
  • At the end of a season in the competitive ladder, 16 coaches qualify for the seasonal playoffs. The first season will qualify the best team of each race (13 teams) + the 3 best teams at the top of the leaderboard (after removing the ones qualified thanks to the first criteria).
  • The 16 coaches and their teams plays in a Knockout tournament with Cyans on the line, as well as a unique skill awarded to the MVP of the winning team of the final of the tournament: Fan Favorite. This skill is described in LRB6 as follow:
    Fan Favourite[/url] (Extraordinary)
    The fans love seeing this player on the pitch so much that even the opposing fans cheer for your team. For each player with Fan Favourite on the pitch your team receives an additional +1 FAME modifier for any Kick-Off table results, but not for the Winnings roll.
    Spoiler : Screenshot of the skill in-game :
    Winning a Blood Bowl 2 official season will be the only way to get this skill.
  • This competitive league will be administrated by a group of trusted players helped by Cyanide and Focus.
Focus Team

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Re: Necromantic team coming this week!

Postby SquirrelDude » 05 September 2016, 17:35

The best teams of each race is an interesting rub for qualification, and the fact that people will get extraordinary skills for winning a tournament really bodes well for the future.

The competitive ladder idea is a great start. Would love to see that move to a Rez format at some point in the future, but the break off of a free and a competitive ladder is a pretty good start.

Question about qualification: Will it be the teams that are qualifying or the coaches that are qualifying who could then pick new teams?

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Mercy Flush
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Re: Necromantic team coming this week!

Postby Mercy Flush » 05 September 2016, 17:42

I love that Frank's got his team number tatooed on his forehead, neat touch :D

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Re: Necromantic team coming this week!

Postby EdTheMad » 05 September 2016, 18:03

Very cool! I love to see Cyanide improving the game, even if slowly!

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Re: Necromantic team coming this week!

Postby Lord Thorlacius » 05 September 2016, 18:12

This sounds so awesome Yay! definitely looking forward to it :D :) good job guys ;)
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Re: Necromantic team coming this week!

Postby Darkson » 05 September 2016, 18:13

Frank looks good, except for the glasses.
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Re: Necromantic team coming this week!

Postby SLHunterUSA » 05 September 2016, 18:14

Is the Fan Favorite Skill going to add to TV for the player and team? Just curious...

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Re: Necromantic team coming this week!

Postby Javelin » 05 September 2016, 18:32

Sounds great!

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Re: Necromantic team coming this week!

Postby Jeliel » 05 September 2016, 18:35

I'm positively surprised, good work.

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Re: Necromantic team coming this week!

Postby twitch/the_sage_bb » 05 September 2016, 20:10

Made a short video discussing the necro roster and the upcoming update.
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