Small Leagues

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Small Leagues

Postby headlessnewt » 08 January 2017, 01:36

Hey everyone,

Been trying to put together a league for myself and 4 friends, trying to figure out how best to make this work, since unlike Chaos Edition you can't seem to just challenge another team to a game whenever you want. Currently we've got a handful of teams in the main competition (a ladder setup) but whenever we go searching for an opponent it just beachballs forever, even if there's two of us looking for an opponent at the same time.

What are we doing wrong? How does this work?

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Re: Small Leagues

Postby SlyAnimal » 08 January 2017, 06:52

You won't be matched with each other if you have a TV difference of more than 500. However, assuming that you don't have a difference of more than 500, you should be able to get matched with each other. The system is set to take, I think, 300 seconds though (5 minutes), so you'll have quite a wait before you can play. Hopefully Cyanide will release some league admin tools/options so that you can adjust the time, but to the best of my knowledge they haven't implemented anything yet, so you'll just need to wait for 5mins while you're both searching.

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