Reducing the salt and time

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Scram Lyche
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Re: Reducing the salt and time

Postby Scram Lyche » 14 January 2017, 13:13

picking the ball up should be more like GFI... it should be almost guaranteed. That particular roll is obnoxious.
Hmm I'll disagree, the ball isn't motionless when a player tries to scoop it up. It might look still on the videogame, but in reality that ball would be bouncing around all over the place.. whether from a kickoff or a downed ball carrier or a failed pass, just like in rugby or the NFL, how many times have we seen pro sportsmen flailing around, one after another fumbling when trying to secure that infuriating randomly bouncing oval ball. That's why the average human will fumble the pickup one third of the time unless they have had specialist training (sure hands), in which case they become about as proficient as the average elf. If the ball was dead then surely nobody would need to roll the pickup.. except trolls maybe.

Could easily be represented by rolling a d8 for an unsecured ball at the end of every turn and moving it 1 sqaure. While this may be more realistic than the ball just lying dead on the square.. does this game really need any more randomness?

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Re: Reducing the salt and time

Postby Valcurdra » 15 January 2017, 03:33

Complete pipe dream but fun to speculate.

Im ok with the dice roll being d6, i think it make a big contribution to the excitement level.

I agree frustration/boredom often comes from a big run of cas early in a game. I would like to nerf the kill stack without crippling win rates of bash teams. I actually like the po nerf in tt (basically its been removed from the game) as i think claw and mb are the more nessasary skills in the stack for game balance.

The problem comes with not buffing bash teams in some other way to compensate. I would love to see a return to the old version of stand firm where you could dodge but stay on your feet if you fail. Would be more likley to keep the win rates for bash up.

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Scram Lyche
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Re: Reducing the salt and time

Postby Scram Lyche » 23 January 2017, 12:26

As for reducing the salt, fuhgeddaboudit.. this game is as salty as they come, its in the dna. I mean, how on earth are you supposed to factor in a 3% probability when making a decision. If you get squadwiped in xcom because your guy missed a 97% crucial shot at close range, well you aint gonna forget that bitch, yet its randoms like that that determine the outcome of BB games all the time.

BB is great fun, I can't help but love the game, it has a lot of charm, but individual games should be taken with.. a tonne of salt.

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Re: Reducing the salt and time

Postby hermanJnr. » 28 January 2017, 19:18

I think the Stadium Improvements are one of the best things Cyanide has "added" to the game by far.

Ref Stand makes fouling more reliable (and helps balance out OrcSpam and CLAWPOMBLOL teams IMO) and I like Security Gate because I personally think events like Pitch Invasion have far too much sway on the outcome of a game. Blitz! can also be annoying but it can be a double edged sword if your opponent overcommits.

How is it fair that if a newbie team is going against an experienced team, with the odds already stacked against them, there's a good chance a kick off event will stun 7+ of their players while leaving the opposition standing? It's basically a free TD for the opposition sometimes.

To me that sort of utter stupid randomness is what is most frustrating about the game.

I also think injuries should be made less random, though I'm at a loss to say how to do that. It's irritating when you get 80 blocks on your opponent in a match and they get 10 on you and somehow you have 3 dead players and they have no casualties at all for the whole game.

BB's randomness is at the core of why it's fun, but some of the mechanics of the game are designed to arbitrarily punish you even if you're playing very well.

EDIT - And with reducing "salt"...I guess I'd say that comes down more to social engineering. In an environment like infinite matchmaking where people rage constantly about their dice and insta ragequit if their Level 7 MBCLAWPOMBFRENZY Warrior gets Badly Hurt there is going to be a lot of saltiness because people are being bad sports.

I actually had a guy who had 9 players to my 3 and had killed two of my best players whinging all game about how bad his blocking dice were. It was totally ridiculous.

Basically get everyone to play Norse for two weeks. You will have so many players murdered you will no longer care when your Orc team loses 2 Blorcs in a game. That's how I removed my salt - I became apathetic to death. Fatalistic nihilism is the Blood Bowl ethos :lol:
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