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Re: Human thrower

Postby Darkson » 05 March 2017, 11:52

If you can't see the advantage of a ST4 Sure Hands player that can easily get Block over a player focused on throwing on a AG3 team then there's not much that can be said.

There's a reason top players (and even average ones like me) call the pass template the "loseometer".
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Nope, I was talking about a 0TTD on a Blitz! using TTM.

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Re: Human thrower

Postby Jorgen_CAB » 05 March 2017, 17:15

My 85% win rate speaks for itself I guess... ;)

When you play in the 1400-1500 team rating interval it is all about what skills you can fit into the team. If you are good at screening and use the position play you are better of with more skills and +ST on some other player. I rather have a lineman with +ST and Block than on my throwers.

I would rather take three Blitzers with three extra skills than +ST on my thrower, or 2.5 skills (say 2.5 Guard skills). This is in online leagues where you are always playing teams with similar team ratings.

You can only have that many skills and extra strength on your team at 1400-1500 team rating...

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Re: Human thrower

Postby CalciumCas » 05 March 2017, 19:13

Personally would probably go with strong arm
I'll have a puff on what this guy's smoking, thx.
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