Agi on a Bull Centaur

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Agi on a Bull Centaur

Postby Rividius » 18 March 2017, 12:34

I just rolled +1 Agi on my bull centaur. How effective are ball carrier Centaurs? How much better is Agi3 vs Agi2?

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Re: Agi on a Bull Centaur

Postby Spiked-Wall Man » 18 March 2017, 13:19

Agi 2 means 50% chance to pick up the ball or dodging(coinflip) or 75% with a reroll
Agi 3 means 66% chance or 88% with a reroll.

People usually take the Bull Centaur as a ball carrier, because they are relatively fast and strong
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Re: Agi on a Bull Centaur

Postby dragonwolf » 18 March 2017, 13:51

and they can already move up to 9 squares , so has a runner you can score in 2 turn no pbm as you are back up with sure feet

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