New Champion Season - New Prize Pool!

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Re: New Champion Season - New Prize Pool!

Postby Netheos » 31 March 2017, 08:50

Trickpick wrote:Are we likely to move any closer to an official Champion ladder for the Xbox One community?

We're discussing about it, it might come in the future.
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Re: New Champion Season - New Prize Pool!

Postby Wheely365 » 21 April 2017, 16:05

I've signed up for the forum due to the various server issues over the last couple of days.

Many concedes happening (some for strange reasons).

1 game was conceded on the inducements screen?

Last game was suddenly conceded on T13 without the 2 minutes countdown.

Also i have been noticing strange events like my turn ending for no reason and the push/block double dice moving to push 4 times over the last two days.

Is it possible the an exploit has been found for the server?

Love the game not confident about the infrastructure.

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