How Do You Report Cheating

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How Do You Report Cheating

Postby SuperkewL » 03 April 2017, 05:33

I just got the game on Xbone last week, and am loving it so far. I was eating some dinner, and figured I would watch some cabalTV and noticed quite a few blow-out matches. Decided to watch one, and it turns out they were win trading. The receiving team would pass the ball directy to the other team and crap.

Is there a way to report these people?

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Re: How Do You Report Cheating

Postby Ronaldbeanio » 03 April 2017, 08:54

Without the context of which league they were playing in, how do you know this is cheating?
If they were playing in their own private league they could just be farming spp up to a certain limit before beginning a TT style comp.
Without the upcoming Team Builder from Legendary Edition this would be the only way to do it.
Of course is this was NAF then it would be cheating but, then there is nothing to play for in NAF so how much does it really matter?

(Not saying your intentions are wrong, but you would need to be certain of cheating before reporting.)

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Re: How Do You Report Cheating

Postby Wheely365 » 26 April 2017, 11:55

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