Matchmaking System in Private Leagues

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Matchmaking System in Private Leagues

Postby costaeurope » 17 April 2017, 17:38


We are three players and we have set up a private ladder in which we use three teams each.

However, even if only two teams at a time search for a match the waiting time is insanely long...

Moreover, we should play a game in this league Wood Elf 1700 TV vs Dark Elf 1100 TV but the game never starts...

I have realised on the forum that a max TV difference of 500 has been set up. I agree that this may be useful in the top public ladder but both the waiting time and the max TV threshold are totally useless and harmful for our private league.

Is there any option to change these settings in private leagues?

If not, any idea to let us play the above-mentioned match?

Thank you.

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Re: Matchmaking System in Private Leagues

Postby Miraskadu » 17 April 2017, 17:46

Under matchmaking conditions, no real idea and don't think it is possible at the moment.

There would be the option of a friendly but that would just mean that nothing sticks on the teams and I think you are playing with progression.

If you are 3 players with 3 teams, you might want to swap to a league set up, so either round robin or something similar. For scheduled matches the TV gap is not in place.

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