Can you rejoin a game after a crash?

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Can you rejoin a game after a crash?

Postby Doomfox » 10 May 2017, 20:28

So I had my first crash during a game on my PS4 last night. I went to lightning bolt and the game died as the animation started. I loaded up the game again hoping there would be some way to rejoin the match but I couldn't find one. Did I miss something or is there no way to recover a game from a disconnect or crash?

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Re: Can you rejoin a game after a crash?

Postby seriousjest » 11 May 2017, 06:02

Unfortunately, you can't rejoin after a blue screen. To lessen the chance of blue screens, make sure you restart your PS4 after any time it's in rest mode and after every 2-3 matches.
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