Queue-ing for Online League Matches

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Queue-ing for Online League Matches

Postby Draven » 16 June 2017, 18:22


Might be answered somewhere else but couldnt find it.

If you queue for a multiplayer league match and then play a single player league will you still be queued and can you drop out to play against a human opponent?

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Re: Queue-ing for Online League Matches

Postby JohnnyFeyev » 17 June 2017, 05:52

I don't think you can do that, but I've never tried. I'd guess that once you start the single player game it considers you in a game and will drop you from the queue. I understand why you'd ask, I've waited 20 minutes before finding a game, and at least that would give you something to do while you wait. Maybe that's the niche Kerrrrunch should fill... something to do on screen for the five minutes to roll around while searching for a match.

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