Mixed-Race Teams

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Mixed-Race Teams

Postby booncabal76 » 27 September 2013, 12:22

I feel, for what that’s worth, that diversity is needed to rosters. New teams are one way to go, but I would love to see a return for mixed race teams.

The DB experiment showed they can, sort of, work under the new rules, but they need strictly controlled.

How would you implement mixed race teams in BB2, if Cyanide go down that route - whch they should since some of the work has been done for DB!? :)

My ill-thought out idea would be as follows.

I’d have a core roster (pretty much as they are now) with up to 3 slots for alternative races except for those races who already have solid diversity or whose “fluff” might not necessarily support a mixed race roster.

I’d also limit “slots” races to certain positionals. So you can’t just import war dancers everywhere. It would be 2 “normal” and 1 “special”.

Normal defined as lineman, catcher, non-race specific blitzer, thrower, blocker.

Special being defined as race specific player/positional (gutter runner, war dancer, berserker, Vampire, BoB, Chaos Warrior, Werewolf, secret weapon etc).

Finally, no big guys can be hired (Including Mummies).

Also, there would certain conflicts that would need added. For example, a flexible race like Humans has lots of options but it cannot use conflicting races in the same squad – so, no wood elves and Chaos Warriors together (Effectively, you can’t have good and evil on the same team).

My starting point would be:

Humans: Halfling, Dwarf, Norse, Wood Elf, Pro Elf, Chaos, Nurgle OR Khorne, Norse, Goblin, Amazon, Vampire, Ogre, Skaven, Underworld (super flexible and morally bankrupt)
Dwarf: Human, Halfling, Norse (Traditional allies, and who wouldn't want to fluff up some Norse Dwarf love?)
Wood Elf: Pro Elf, Halfling (Traditional allies - not sure about Humans too?)
High Elf – None; too arrogant.
Pro Elf: Wood Elf, Halfling, Human (as per WE)
Skaven: Human, Goblin (Tempted to leave undisturbed - gobs make them like a reverse Underworld, but would be fun)
Chaos: Human, Goblin, Khorne OR Nurgle.
Nurgle: Human, Chaos
Khorne: Human, Chaos
Lizardmen: Amazon
Amazon: Lizardmen (Humans? Men on an Amazon team is surely just plain wrong…)
Goblin: Orc
Orc: Goblins (you may want that looney!).
Norse: Dwarf, Human, Chaos (I recall Norse were often found affiliated with Chaos?)
Underworld: As is.
Chaos Dwarf: Orc, Chaos, Khorne OR Nurgle.
Undead – Vampire
Khemri – Vampire
Necromantic – Vampire
Vampire – Humans, Undead
Ogre – Goblins

CRP Puritans don't need to contribute! :D

I think the potential variants would add to the game and possibly even go some way to removing the current cut-and-paste generic teams we see?

Yes, it could be exploited, but if it was league OPTIONAL then who cares - most private leagues are self-regulating anyway.


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Re: Mixed-Race Teams

Postby splendidplumage » 27 September 2013, 20:10

I think for single player or as an option in private leagues giving as many options as possible is great.
I would love to be able to make our own rosters without limits for fun would be cool. To be able to make heroes of law, old evil gits, all treemen, minotaur and chaos warriors, etc. would be cool.

For large scale open leagues you would have to be very careful before implementing anything abusable though.
Even though your proposal only introduces upto 3 extra players making them available to all teams is just power creep. Rather than diversity competitive people wanting an edge would quickly work out what the best 3 extra players would be.

I think to implement mixed race teams there needs to be someway of balancing it. If there is no drawback it is always the best option to have a mixed-race team so you can cherry pick the best players.

I think one good way would be to make all the players from 2 teams available but cap the number of positionals. So you can cherry pick a small number of positionals but are more reliant on linemen.

I'd propose:
Choose 2 existing teams.
All 0-16 players (linemen) become 2-8 instead. You quantity of lineman purchased from one list can never be more than 2 higher than the other (This is to stop people only using the best lineman choice when one option is weak)

All positionals with less than ST 5 from both teams are available but the maximum of each available is halved (round up)
The maximum total number of positionals that can be bought is 1/4 the original total available to both teams (rounded up).

All positionals with ST 5 or more (big guys) from both teams are available but the maximum of each available is halved (round up)
The maximum total number of these big guys that can be bought is 1/2 the original total available to both teams (rounded up).

An example of the Norse/Skaven roster:

0-1 Big Guys (Yhetee or Rat Ogre)

0-4 positionals chosen from:
0-1 norse werewolf
0-1 norse blitzer
0-1 skaven blitzer
0-1 norse thrower
0-1 skaven thrower
0-1 norse catcher
0-2 gutter runner

6-16 linemen (totals of both must be within 2):
2-8 norse linemen
2-8 skaven linemen

I'd still be dubious of making it available to big leagues.
Oh and I think you are right restricting it to alignments so the combos make sense would probably be a good idea.

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Re: Mixed-Race Teams

Postby selfy_74 » 04 October 2013, 19:27

I'm with you on this Boon, I would absolutely love to see your idea implemented in Fun League one day.

Edit: One point I would add is that all players from a different race added to a core team should have animosity or even possibly loner.

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Re: Mixed-Race Teams

Postby PIngwin » 03 November 2013, 12:22

It would be nice to be able to field Champions Of Law/Evil Gits/Mongrel Horde style teams.

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Re: Mixed-Race Teams

Postby Gallows Bait » 15 November 2013, 00:10

Be an awful lot easier just to port the Dungeon Bowl team options over, if you were really intent on mixed races. :D

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