Idea for a more visually dynamic look of the field

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Idea for a more visually dynamic look of the field

Postby dmtzcain » 30 October 2013, 05:23

Please. Instead of Idle character animations: freeze (slow-motion) the actions so that the field looks like the photograph of a real game and not a bunch of players standing around. Animate blood, grass, cloth and hair flying around to make it look like a 300 (the movie) battle. Make DLC for new animations with comedic or cool or brutal snap shots. Thanks.


My name is… ah never mind.
I hoped my suggestion was implemented in the game. . . fat chance. In reality I’m posting this for myself, just so it’s out there and I can later complain quietly without any remorse.

To the suggestion now. With the release of the first screenshots for Blood Bowl II (and I know they are far from the final product) I noticed the idle animation of all the players/characters in the back. This is something that bothered me a little in the original; to me it felt like the game was visually un-dynamic (why was everyone just standing there). So I visualized how to add not only the feeling of a fast paced game but also a way to highlight the comedic and/or brutal nature that I love about this game.
The way to do this is simple: freeze the middle of all the animations characters perform. See image attached


For example, the character at the back of the picture, animate the movement (running) to the square he will go and then freeze him, if he isn’t receiving any additional actions (ej. Being hit, pass reception) Leave him in that position instead of returning to an idle animation.

The hit example in the drawing shows exactly the same process, if the receiver is K.O.ed the stars appear around his head and he is shown in contorted, brutal or funny stance as well as his hitter. In this way, we even have a visual clue of who hit him or in the first example, where he was running from. If any character receives another action, they can change animation to the most recent one.

If this game is going to be made for e-sports, implementing this would make it way more visually stimulant to the audience, especially if observers can go field level and rotate on the board. Just freezing animations would make it look to stiff, but there is a way to improve this.

Instead of freeze, simulate a slow motion (think the film 300) Even though the character would pretty much stay in the same position, animating its surroundings would make it look amazing; For example:
- The dirt from the field flying from the shoes of the players
- Blood and sweat drops slowly leaving the players faces
- Faces which slowly change their expressions of pain/arrogance
- The metal sparks from a helm to helm collision flying from the impact point
- The K.O. Stars slowly circulating their heads (or any visual gameplay indicator also animated)
- Pieces of cloths/hair from the players waving
- The entire body of the player slowly rotating or even very slow “mid action idle animations”.

Is it hard to implement? I don’t know, I have never made a Videogame, Does it cost a fortune to do? I don’t know, but probably. So this would be my final suggestion:
Micro-transactions for new animations. This way, instead of (or not only) charging for new teams/star players, Cyanide can charge for new sets of animations for each team. The benefit as a costumer that I see in this, is that if I have a big library of animations, my games could look incredibly varied at any given time; also, I could customize my game experience in terms of how funny, brutal, silly, “out of context/lore” it looks like (How about an animation pack in which the human team hits only with other sport items, aka: baseball bats, hockey sticks, brooms).

That’s it. Cyanide: don’t dare implement any of this in your game! This threat is the only thing you will listen to, I’m sure. (hint: reverse psychology)
Loved the first game, this one looks nice.
Keep the good work. Cheers!

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Re: Idea for a more visually dynamic look of the field

Postby Banatine » 24 December 2013, 14:57

That actually sounds like an amazing idea!

However, i cannot imagine it working in the middle of a game, i would definately support the idea as an addition to replay mode though!

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Re: Idea for a more visually dynamic look of the field

Postby Ixnatifual » 29 December 2013, 11:11

This idea is pretty cool, but I can see some issues. For example if you move a player into the frozen KO'd guy's square, the two models would overlap.
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Re: Idea for a more visually dynamic look of the field

Postby rinku » 29 December 2013, 20:39

I think as an *optional* add it would be fine. Personally, I like the idle animations, but I get where you're coming from.

Models actually removed from the pitch would have to continue to be so, for the reason Ixnatifual gives, but it would work for normal blocks with other results. The only think that might look odd is when a player leaves the area of the tackle using a Blitz move.

It'd be pretty trivial to implement. Basically the devs would only need to pick an appropriate frame from the existing tackle/reaction ones for each player. Zero extra work in terms of modelling, and the game would just display that instead of the idle sequence.

But it's nice to see some suggestions that don't revolve around TV, MM or "balance" :)

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