Mixed Player and AI Leagues (Revisited)

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Mixed Player and AI Leagues (Revisited)

Postby Rifugio » 07 November 2013, 07:25

Probably a shot to nothing as this has no doubt been asked before (maybe even by me back in distant times), but given BloodBowl is being expanded again, it would be wonderful if we could create private mixed leagues of human player teams and AI teams. This would open the game up to players who don't have time to get together with human players and schedule every single game, but still would like to play leagues with friends.

Because they involve AI they could be private leagues and need not part of the global multiplayer ranking system. These private (non-ranked) leagues could be set-up with a smaller group of players and the other league slots filled by AI teams. It would be great if we could select the AI teams (and perhaps player teams) from the classic single player teams as well as have the opportunity for players to create their own teams.

This would give us a chance to get through many more matches as scheduling with the AI is going to be a lot easier than scheduling with players. If players drop out perhaps also AI could also take their place so the leagues go on.

Additionally if there is a turn schedule and a player (or players) do not complete their turn in time perhaps we could have a number of ways of resolving the missed matches, as selectable options when the league is created for example:

1) If enabled If one of the players was available they could chose to play against the missing players team controlled by the AI
2) If you are able to play against AI as well as other players perhaps we could have an AUTOMATCH function which would work rather like when two AI teams face off against each other and use the same logic. This would work only for unranked private leagues games and give people the opportunity to continue playing even if short on time, or concentrate more on the management style.
3) A no show draw result whcih does not change the status of either team.

If there is the option to auto resolve matches then it would be incredibly neat is if there were tactics selectable for both halves of the automated game to give the manager more of a feel they are managing. For example, Aggressive, Defensive, Mixed. These would be matched against AI or other player stances and have an impact on the number and type of casualties, scoring etc.

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