blood bowl miniature mode

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blood bowl miniature mode

Postby SaltatorMortis » 24 January 2014, 13:58

thank you for reading this suggestion
Even if we take the simplest implementation and take from each race a simple set of miniatures.
with this mode they can simply use the old Blood Bowl models as placeholder(without much effort) until they release the new ones
its basically a less flashy version of this game inside

jeah i know this is a kina strange idea but i like it
you can simply make each player on the field recognizable
simple name on the base plate maybe even a custom pose
the player can used as paper doll and simply get community made Gear attached
and it bring the tabletop feeling back into game

i hope you like this suggestion leave your ideas about this here

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Re: blood bowl miniature mode

Postby hairypete77 » 25 January 2014, 12:30

I agree. I would much rather have a less flash, less animated version of the game, so that I can get:
- All 24 races.
- Better AI for all races.
- All rules from CRP/LRB6 correctly implemented.
- Server side online games (and associated benefits).
- Better league/tournament management for admins.

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Re: blood bowl miniature mode

Postby rinku » 25 January 2014, 22:27

I like the idea as a display mode. Effectively it's a model/animation/skin variant that could be pitched as DLC or produced as a mod.

It would, however, probably *add* to the development time since they'd have to get someone to work on it.

And hairypete77, the only thing on your list they've not committed to is the 24 teams at launch. Everything else is being worked on. So I guess you should be 80% happy :)

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