Network Issues

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Network Issues

Postby meebee » 26 March 2014, 10:53

Hello there,

I would suggest to go for a more stable network-reconnection mode.
With BB Chaos Edition, i only managed to reconnect twice out of 25-30 trys after my router got stuck.
The amount of time is not the issue here.. It always pops up endgame window long (3.5 minutes) before that counter goes to zero.

I can see, there might be security issues with storing local information. But that accounts/teams info is saved somewhere online too.
Its really frustrating if you have no access to stable/cable based internet connection as others do and you see your team loosing, reliability going down because of that.
If i don´t want to continue a game, i lower the flag. I do not need to disconnect on purpose.

So plz, plz, plz , pretty plz, with sugar on top....

Help us players with fixing those not able to reconnect to game issues... any solution is welcome.. even if it does mean the other player has to accept returning..

It is so upsetting, frustrating as it is with BB 1.

best regards
ami meebee

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Re: Network Issues

Postby Kjelstad » 27 March 2014, 17:49

Most people want a way to reconnect to dropped games. Especially for league games. That should help too.

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