Player details / Season Mode

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Player details / Season Mode

Postby romschomp » 09 June 2014, 23:04

I'm actually a filthy casual when it comes to the Blood Bowl game itself but I play alot of the team manager board game and I enjoy the PC version for its brutal idea of football despite how horrible i was at it. These are just a few suggestions, possible minor details that I think could improve the overall game

Id like to see a better intensity in the gore aspect. Maybe increase the variety of injuries a player can receive and show that certain injury take place as it would happen through animation rather than a simple swipe, same for killing on the field.
Maybe during season play, a player receiving a brutal injury might be scarred or bandaged upon return or if they die, have a mortuary section in the menu. Id generally like to see great detail in player creation regarding armors, general appearance and logos/colors similar to the Dawn of War game. As for the season mode, id throw in some stats, contracts, free agents from different races, scouting, hall of fame, anything that can make feel like your a manager in a game of potential death.

Just a few thoughts off of the top of my head, id definitely be looking forward to this game with these aspects in it. Assuming these ideas have been already said consider this some support.
Can anyone expand on these?

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Re: Player details / Season Mode

Postby krunsh » 26 June 2014, 15:37

I agree with some of your points (and less so with some others that imply more changes to the main game.).

I really hope that the animations are pushed so that we can actually see injuries and death happening on the field instead of a simple dice check in the background. Characters should have a set of animation that plays for specific actions such has breaking an ankle or smashing someone to death.

Also please no more sinking into the ground... Have some people carry the player out (Or zombie hands coming out of the ground to grab him at least!).

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