A richer Blood Bowl experience

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A richer Blood Bowl experience

Postby Ludd » 18 September 2015, 19:37

EDIT: OH, my god. I am so sorry for the following Wall of Text. This really wasn't planned, to be this extensive. :oops:
But it just spookes me for quiet some days now and I have a bit free time here, because I got a cold :|
and if YOU have some time on the hand, please go ahead.

Hi there,

* First things first:
- I really love blood bowl - unique, strategic, funny, bloody, chaotic, fantastic etc :D
- never played the tabletop (but read the very entertaining manual); played a fair amount of blood bowl CE - matches
- I dont know much lore of the warhammer universe; know mostly things you can't avoid to know of, like Nuffle (DAMN you... NO, didnt mean that! Love you!) ._."
- I didnt preorder BB2, because preorder... and no undead team so far :cry: well, skaven will do, till undead will rise again

* Now the obvious part:
I watched a lot of BB2 material and, yes, saw some flaws, too;
- like the UI-Problems, the End-turn button for ex.
- like the missing team-specific cheerleaders
- like the missing customizations for the teams
- like the non existent option to just activate actionCam for casualties
- and, yeah, the fanson the ranks look really shitty :|
- ... add more here, if you like

And I really (REALLY) hope, that these are just issues with the beta.

I also would like to see some direct feedback, or at least some signal of notice, from the devs, that these beta issues are beta issues and no active desisions. Or isn't this the OFFICIAL BB2 - Forum?

==> Now to the personal issues, which are totaly itching me:

BB1 was a really good start, to bring BB from tabletop to the digital world.
No more static figures, manual calculated/dice rolled actions, manual...everything... you know what I mean.
Instead moving Players, real stadion feeling, cheering fans, BLOOD :lol:

Simply put: the wonder of digital imagination.

Now, why do I have the feeling that the overall richness has suffered, since BB1?
Shouldn't BB2 evolve the richness? Shouldn't BB2 enhance this?

I don't mean the graphics, like polygone-count or texture-resolution or stuff like this.

I mean a richer experience of the world, the match, your team, the other team. Something the tabletop-Version can not do.

Player customization (even the little bit there is) is a good start, but couldn't there be more? Why isnt there any player interaction?...except eating other team-mates.. ;)

(1) Look at Fifa: After the goal is shoot, the formation doesn't matter anymore, till the next kick-off. So the players rush together, congratulating the kicker, lift him up or what not. While the players of the other team make long faces or shout at each other.

=> Why not lift up the goblin, who does the TD? Why is there no shouting at each other on the other team? Why dont they punch each other, blaming other team mates?

(2) Look at Worms: After every match the short and team specific fanfare of the winning team plays.

=> Why isn't there the possibily to select a team specific fanfare, which is played on a TD?

(3) Look at WWE: These customizable opening shows are just awesome!

=> Why not this for my BB-Team... or at least SOMETHING.

(4) Look at Trackmania: It has a Replay-Editor. A neat, little tool, for shrinking a replay in a memorable movie-like piece with some self-choosen cam-views, slow-moes, colorfilters and voice-comments; even exportable.

=> Could really be nice for these WorldFinals.

(5) Hell, look at Rollercoster Tycoon! : Custom designable fireworks going of, while music is played. And this isnt even the meat of the game.

=> Why can't I teach my fans some custom rythms for their drums? They could be getting louder, when I am about to TD or to show there support to the last KO.
Or what about vocalized fan chores? Would be neat, wouldn't it?

WHERE IS the rock, which is said to be thrown at a player? Why isnt there more dirt/snow/rain on the ground/players when its raining/snowing?

...are you still reading...? Thank you, really :D

I have some more ideas :mrgreen:

(6) Mid-game interactions of players, who are standing near to each other.

- like the troll, who is looking at, and maybe grasping after, the goblin standing near him (because always hungry). BUT the goblin knows and is leaning away and ranting about the really stupid troll

- or two oppossing players standing in front of each other, while swearing and - of course - totally unintentionally, "gently" nudging each other


I know, you shouldn't, but sometimes, if a team mate is memorable named, does some enjoyable and/or game changing actions and is therefore grown in fame and/or ranks, you get personally attached to them.

Now imagine, that this team mate meets his maker on the field...
~ I saw this often on youtube or twitch. Coaches screaming in agony: "NOOOO, insert-memorable-player-name-here! NOT YOU! I have no more apothecary? NOOOOO, EVERONE ELSE, BUT NOT YOUU!"

=> So, why couldn't BB2 flashing some pictures of memorable moments(rankUps, TDs, etc) of the career of the player, while he is slowmo-falling to the ground :o

THAT would be so awesome!

In general, wouldn't these memorable pictures enrich every player-statistics - lookable even before his dead?

(8) BTW! Why are there just a bunch of different, predefiend faces to choose from to customize your players? This is soo early 90s :shock: REALLY! Quake could do that, too!

=> Why can't I just, at least, puzzle my own player-faces like in freaking every other mediocre online - and even offline rpg out there?
Just give me 3 different noses, 3 different eye-shapes, 3 different mouthes and MAYBEE (for when I am feeling really fancy) some different skin colors and you have WAY MORE unique looking players on the field than now.

...OK, I could go on, but I think you know, what I mean.

These are all ideas, which enrich the experience without altering the core gameplay of the board game.

It could be so nice....

Some will say, that this all is BS and they dont need it, but I think there are also some people out there, which would appreciate some of this. Even if its only for soloplayers and/or importent live-matches on twitch :D

And, YES, this all should be totally optional! If you dont like it, deactivate it.
And, NO, it should totally not be a priority before core-gameplay or more teams. But maybe there is hope for BB3... :| or another DEV :?

So, what do you think? Fell free to comment. But don't expect an answer from my side. I am normally not going public with such "Kopfkino"-stuff, but this had to be said.. and will probably not achieve anything :|

...but there is always hope for an experience-enrichement-dlc :)

Thank you, again, for reading, farewell and may Nuffle be fair to you :D
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Re: A richer Blood Bowl experience

Postby dode74 » 18 September 2015, 19:44


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Re: A richer Blood Bowl experience

Postby Ludd » 18 September 2015, 19:51

OMG, that could have been WAY more embarrassing :oops: I edited it :mrgreen:

Thank you very much (and I didnt thought, I could say this, but Brad Pitt saved my digital life :D )

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Re: A richer Blood Bowl experience

Postby dode74 » 18 September 2015, 20:00

Hehe - but yeah, I do see your points. Personal opinion is I'd rather they got the gameplay right first. I really like the aesthetic they've gone for with this version. The stadia feel epic rather than the "old farm" look from BB1. It looks like a real, serious sport.

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Re: A richer Blood Bowl experience

Postby Nergal » 18 September 2015, 20:02

If only the developers thought it is important to interact with their community.
Solid post, though...

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Re: A richer Blood Bowl experience

Postby Evilstein » 19 September 2015, 01:32

Good ideas !! But well.....first thing first, make BB2 gameplay/bugs as BB1..... (20+ teams etc....)
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