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Sponsor idea

Posted: 01 August 2016, 10:04
by dragonwolf
Can we make the sponsor usefull?

For example with the implementation of a season in COL can t we make a target according to the sponsor .

-Orcdidas would be a minimum of stomp per season or average per match and if you meet the target you get Cyan or a free bribe for the next season to use for 1 match for example
-goblin gambling you can get a free RR for 1 match for the next season
-Talisman you would get a free wizz for a match
-bank of aldorf would give you extra cash either for 1 match inducement or extra cash in the bank to invest in player or stadium
-bloodweiser would be abviously a couple of free babes either 1 for 2 match or 2 for 1 match
-Partsone would be may be if you do a certain number of KO /injuries per match you get some cash or something
- circle of serenity would provide you with 10 xtras cheerleaders ( 1 per match for 10 of them , 10 on 1 ....)
-Mac murty would provise with 10 assistants coach
-The guild of bandit would reward you for use of secret weapons with may be a free bribe also
- Spike magazine would reward you for a ratio of TD per match or high level spp players

I know my idea is a bit messy , but the fact you guys are talking about implementing Season and the market place , i think it would be nice to get the people to use the sponsor instead randomly choose one for the sake of . As you add stuff to the pitch , the sponsor would be a great fun too . We just need to tweak the ideas so each race can have return out of it

Re: Sponsor idea

Posted: 01 August 2016, 11:32
by dode74
Only if it is optional.

Re: Sponsor idea

Posted: 01 August 2016, 11:45
by dragonwolf
Only if it is optional.
they did not make the pitch optional . Actually it is if you choose not to upgrade . I get your point for private leagues . It s always the same , more option the better. My focus was for the sposnor in general which are atm completly useless. But you did not say a "full NO" which gives me hope . :lol:

Re: Sponsor idea

Posted: 01 August 2016, 12:34
by dode74
I'm never against ideas so long as they are optional.

Re: Sponsor idea

Posted: 07 August 2016, 21:03
It sounds good so far.

Re: Sponsor idea

Posted: 07 September 2016, 12:47
by Miraskadu
I like the idea of Sponsors doing something.

But I would grant both coaches the effect, ie Bloodweiser could Sponsor 1 free babe for both teams. So it would be similiar to stadium upgrade, while keeping the games balanced.

If you only reward one coach you would run into inducements trouble since the TV of one Team would be changed.

And yes please optional for all leagues.