Please give us a Blood Bowl 7s Variant with Legendary Edition!

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Re: Please give us a Blood Bowl 7s Variant with Legendary Edition!

Postby theSovereign » 20 February 2017, 13:00

I've been encountering the argument a lot that it'd would be lot of work to implement. I mean yes, in the production pipeline every change needs work and quality control. But compared to everything else?

We already know Cyanide is planning to introduce alternative 'Mercenary' Teams which are specially flagged and with that restricted
from entering any other league - so that necessary system would already be practically in place.

And in principle - I wouldn't even need an alternative pitch. Reduce the allowed number of positionals, maximum 7 players on field, force only 1 player on the LoS and make 1 minute standard. Flag the team's as '7s' teams and create an official league. Done and done.
(All basic variables, nothing remotely related to graphics or content etc.)

Further changes could me made IF it is popular (I expect it to be once people actually try it out).

I would be absolutely happy with that. It wouldn't be very balanced - but that's not the goal of the variant is it?

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Re: Please give us a Blood Bowl 7s Variant with Legendary Edition!

Postby Miraskadu » 20 February 2017, 14:16

The changes you proposed in your last post, are most likely rather readily introduced.

I have nothing against a quick game mode or similar play style, not sure if I would personally enjoy it, but that is a total different thing. Something I don't like might someone else's cherry pie.

The major work that would be needed to be done are the rule changes, since this would result in nearly a new game (graphis stay yes, but the core mechanics are different). And by leaving the rules the same and the pitch the same but just lowering the numbers of players, it would utterly unbalanced the 'little' balance Bloodbowl has. Just imagine a game of dwarves vs woodies 7s? So just seven players each. The woodelves would run circles around the dwarves, quite literally, just due to their high movement.

So the argument with work load input is, that unless cyanide states something different, I would not hold your breath. Since it would be a hell of an investment with quite unknown pay off from a business standpoint. I still like the idea, I just think it is rather unlikely that it will see completion.

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