Ball Skins DLC

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Ball Skins DLC

Postby Gorthaur » 11 February 2017, 19:28

I think it'd be cool to get some more variation of the ball in the game, I know there was a dlc with a couple skins. But I don't think this was available for PS4 players. A squig ball, chaos ball, warpstone ball etc maybe in a 5-10 dollar pack depending on how many skins we get. And have the model used be tied to the player stadium. So if im playing skaven on the skavenblight pitch I could use a warpstone ball instead of the generic one.

This is obviously just an aesthetic thing for people who like that kind of stuff, doesn't affect gameplay in any form.

edit: I rebuild my ps4 database and haven't crashed since. Been trying to get in matches and everyone else is crashing non stop.

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