Skills for Coaches

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Skills for Coaches

Postby Heupinho » 13 February 2017, 10:40

Hi there,

an idea crossed my mind to add mayhaps another layer of team development, namely to yourself - the coach.

1. Experience points
A coach could garner XPs for each won match or could get them as rewards in tournaments. Similar to the already existing XPs but they would only be valid within each individual league.

2. Skills
With these XPs the coach could level himself up and obtain one of the following skills. For each skill one rolls a d6 and applies the below result.
  • Motivator: Increase inducement money
    • 1 => +0; 2-5 => +10,000; 6 => +20,000
  • Negotiator: Decrease gold when purchasing a player
    • 1 => -0; 2-5 => -10,000; 6 => -20,000
  • Financer: Increase income after match
    • 1 => +0; 2-5 => +10,000; 6 => +20,000
  • Fan's darling: Increase number of fans before match
    • 1 => +0; 2-5 => +10,000; 6 => +20,000
  • Tactician: Get an additional team re-roll before match
    • 1 => +0; 2-6 => +1
  • Healer: Get an additional apothecary before match
    • 1 => +0; 2-6 => +1
Some or all skills could be obtainable mutliple times (Standard => Pro => Master), which increases their effects.

Also, if it turns out that a skill is too powerfull one could simply add a 4+ roll before using it in order to check whether it can be carried out - just like pro skill.

I think this would add some new flavor to the game without messing up its balance since the individual skills are not so powerful. It should also be not too difficult to implement.

What do you think? Anybody likes this idea?

Looking forward to your replies.

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Re: Skills for Coaches

Postby Zakyrel » 18 February 2017, 06:44


That is, in my opinion, a really bad idea.

The number of match you have won won't tell if you are a good coach or not. And allowing XP on the good or bad plays in game isn't easy to balance, SPP rewards this already.

As a tournament reward ? definitly not. Because if you reroll for another team next season, you would start with bonuses that will unbalance your TV1000 team creation VS standard TV1000 from your opponents.

Those coachs skills would cost something on the team TV too to be fair.

Plus your skill suggestions aren't balanced at all.

Moreover, this isn't in Blood Bowl rules. And Blood Bowl 2 goal is to be closest as possible for the tabletop rules.

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Re: Skills for Coaches

Postby SaintTodd » 21 February 2017, 15:41

The main problem here, is that the rich get richer, assuming more xp are given for a win than a loss. Winning teams already tend to develop faster within a league, so I don’t think this would be great.

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Re: Skills for Coaches

Postby Miraskadu » 21 February 2017, 16:49

Overall, I don't really like the idea.

Since, the two last option are insanely more valuable than the other options. You first options give some monetary value so are only influencing my bank, and not the TV value of my team going into the match.

The free reroll will grant me a 100k inducement for free on a 2+ and the free doc a 50k.
Moreover, this isn't in Blood Bowl rules. And Blood Bowl 2 goal is to be closest as possible for the tabletop rules.
This is a non argument, any change proposed will not be in the rules. As a suggested change to the rules, cannot be in the rules prior to the change.

As well as I would question the assumption that BB2s goal is to be as close to TT as it can be. Cyanide/Netheos already stated that they will ask the community about the BB2016 rules prior to implementing them, e.g. PO change.

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Re: Skills for Coaches

Postby Rifugio » 03 March 2017, 11:00

I read initially and thought that sounds like a rather cool and I like the way it's presented as a classic BloodBowl D6 selection into six well thought out categories; however reading the comments I'd have to agree that it would not necessarily enhance the game and could well lead to problems with the strong becoming stronger. Also as pointed out you would likely need to have the skills be randomly selected to avoid the players picking the same skills as a priority each time.

In the end the other posters are likely right in that it's bolting on something that could unbalance the game mechanics quite a bit.

An alternative to add some additional flavour to the coaches could be giving nicknames to them based on their team performance/stats in a particular tournament. Not really interactive at all, but could actually draw on historical data as purely cosmetic.

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