[Bug] hypnotic gaze can be use before a player get up.

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Re: [Bug] hypnotic gaze can be use before a player get up.

Postby Obsidian » 22 February 2017, 13:45

No: it specifically says "after declaring an Action" not "doing an action". They are not the same thing.
So we should have an option "declare the action, roll take root, decide if you still make your action" ? that raise another issue in BB2, because it's not possible if I remember well (I haven't tested it).
But, again, I don't remember anyone playing this skill like that. (which does not mean it's correct! don't make me say what I haven't said)

Regarding Sann's quote, I didn't said he was the highest authority or whatever. I just gave its opinion as you (dode) gave yours and Guillaume's one. and yes Darkson, as me, he said "even if it's written, it's not the way I will play it".

Regarding those who wrote the rule, here is the quote (yes, I love to give my sources) : http://talkfantasyfootball.org/viewtopi ... 63#p684763
I would have to say HGaze while Prone/Stunned is a big toss up. It really matters if you think 23 overrides 11 or 11 overrides 23. Its one of those crossroads and even after reading what I wrote before ... I have to agree that I can disagree with even myself on this one.

Its a serious grey area and there is no definitive on this one.
So indeed Dode, it's ambiguous. That's what he said. it depends on how you interprete the rules.

So, to conclude, I just repeat what I said : " Focus_GuillaumeQA, it's up to you dude ! "
(+ all the other people invovlved in the decision process and I don't know).

To be honest, I really don't care about the result. It's not a question about if it's correct or not. Just a grey point that must be cleaned.

On my side, the important thing is that, after raising this point in my league, the current conclusion between us is "no way".
So if it remains as is, we will have to take care to get up the players first before using HG. If it's changed, then we will be pleased. That's all.

As you said, that's question of interpretation. And, who knows, maybe GW will totally change the way HG is used in the next TT extension and all this discussion will be useless :P

So, again, thanks for the answers. The discussions about move, actions, and the different pages of the LRB were really interesting (even if I had to pass from French to English version to be sure I didn't miss anything. :P )

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