Made Up races

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Made Up races

Postby BernieBuffon » 25 February 2017, 22:08

I think what you have done in the past with made up races has been fantastic is there anymore plans after legendary edition of you guys making anymore new races at all like Tzeentch or Slaanesh of chaos at all and come on when will Chaos Pact becoming out lol

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Re: Made Up races

Postby twitch/the_sage_bb » 25 February 2017, 23:14

They're not telling. It wouldn't surprise me though. There are Slaanesh icons in the game files: ... halflings/
When I asked the devs about this in Paris (seeing how Kislev are now a thing), they said "there are no Slaanesh in legendary edition" with a really big grin. My money's on a chaos edition some time after BB2LE with Khorne, Pact, Slaanesh (and maybe Tzeentch, who knows?).
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Re: Made Up races

Postby Rifugio » 03 March 2017, 10:26

That would be something else to look forward to :)

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Re: Made Up races

Postby VonBlade » 03 March 2017, 19:00

Any Chaos that wasn't boring old Khorne/Nurgle would be amazing.

But if past GW history has taught us anything the only Chaos race is Khorne just like the only Space Marines are Blood Ravens.
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