More items to spend Cyans on...

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More items to spend Cyans on...

Postby SLHunterUSA » 30 March 2017, 14:04

There are some new rewards being issued, but I honestly don't feel there is any worth spending Cyans on other than maybe a couple of uniforms. Can you guys please find some more cosmetic items to spend Cyans on?

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Re: More items to spend Cyans on...

Postby PatGhostwalker » 31 March 2017, 13:42

+1 to this. An easy idea could be symbols on your home pitch. Like the Elf grass one or the Skaven one in the Campaign.

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Re: More items to spend Cyans on...

Postby Apolloswill » 24 April 2017, 00:38

Another +1 from me.

A missed opportunity. So many cosmetic things could be added to the store (and potentially add a little to the bottom line for Cyanide Studio).

- New animations (pose when presenting team(s), foul animations, TD celebration dance, attack etc)
- New heads, body types, genders, etc
- Logos
- Stadiums

And what about this;
- Be able to have a special timer/score card/turn counter graphic for your stadium, which the opponent would get as well, to make playing an away game special.

With this in mind, offering Cyans as prize rewards for private leagues would be more enticing.
So many possibilities for Cyans. Of course, we as players want to get it all for free, but this could make it profitable for Cyanide to actually add even more to the game. I'm certain it have been discussed, all I'm saying is...discuss it again :)

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