Stadiums and geography

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Stadiums and geography

Postby Hudd » 08 April 2017, 11:29

This is something I have always wanted since BB first ed. TT (indeed my gaming group did it with house rules) - the ability to say my stadium is somewhere really hot/cold.

In game terms, when creating a team, you can set the stadium as either hot, cold or normal. It can't be changed again.

Hot stadiums get -1 on weather rolls.
Normal stadiums... well, no change.
Cold stadiums get +1 on weather rolls.

Rolls maxed out at 2 and 12.

Hardly game breaking, easy to code, adds a little bit of flavour.

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Re: Stadiums and geography

Postby SaintTodd » 15 April 2017, 21:27

Cool idea.

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