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League Managment

Posted: 26 June 2017, 09:56
by wolle1301
I know, I know.
Updating the league managment is on the list for LE already, I would just like to specify a few Points on what I would wish for.

- Have competitions that allow both Group Play and knock out Playoffs afterwards. Like the Soccer/Football Worldcup, Champions League, NFL and others. It would help if you wouldn't Need to create 6 ingame competitions ingame to just Play one tournament.

- allow custom scoring and tiebreakers; e.g. only 2 Points for a win, use CAS, TD, TDdiff, CASdiff as a tiebreaker

-allow uneven number of participants in competitions (round Robin mainly)

- make the Interface easier. It is very unintuative to use. The Options to delete or alter competitions should be available not only when you enter the competition. I already deleted a whole league, when I just wanted to delete one competion. It is just not nice to handle. If you want to know more about this, I would be glad to assist you with my idea. But I think it would make this post to long to explain it here.

Re: League Managment

Posted: 26 June 2017, 12:20
by Netheos
Thanks for the suggestion. Most of them are on the list already, although they didn't all made it to Legendary.

Swiss format will allow for competition with uneven number of teams, and the league management interface has been improved.

A tournament including Playoff by default would be nice but it's already currently possible. For LE, we focused on offering brand new competition formats (like rez mode or swiss format) instead of combining several options into one competitions.

Re: League Managment

Posted: 26 June 2017, 17:16
by wolle1301
How about custom scoring?

How is it possible to combine the competition.
Are you talking about automatic tickets for other competitions?
That just clutter your leagues. If you play various tournaments in a leave, e.g. 6 rounds with 4 groups each and playoffs, that is 30 competitions alone.

Would be nice if it were only 6. One for each round.

Re: League Managment

Posted: 26 June 2017, 17:42
by Mercy Flush
To have a 6 round playpool would suggest that you possibly have 7 teams in each group is that right?
If so i'd suggest cutting it to 6 teams (or raising it to 8) per pool. That way you can utilise the 'round robin'
group setup rather that making a new comp for every game.

Make 4 of them & a 5th one a 5th one using the 'cup' setting.
As a 'prize' place 2 (or 4) tickets in the prizes section of the comp setup for
each of the 4 groups inviting them to the 5th 'cup' group.
That way, at the end of the 'regular season' those teams in the top 2 or 4 in their respective
groups are awarded an automatic ticket to the playoff phase of the season.

The above suggestion is a simple example of how you can save yourself some precious admin time &
only have to be the commissioner of 5 comps rather than the 30.

Try it out & any probs send me a private message & i'll go through it with you in more detail.

Re: League Managment

Posted: 27 June 2017, 05:48
by wolle1301
Maybe I explained it bad, Mercy :D

So there is a big tournament of 6 smaller parts and a Final of the six winners.

Each smaller part has for Groups of 4 or 6 Teams, played as round robin. The winner of each smaller part is then determined by a knockout round between the 4 best, i.e. the best of each Group after 3 matches.
So for each smaller part I have to create the 4 round robins and the knockout round for semifinal and final.
That is 4x6 + 4 competitions plus the semifinals between the winners of the smaller parts, which are 2 Two-Player KO competitions and then the Overall final, which is another Two-Player KO competition.
So overall 31 competitions and I don't see how to make it any smaller.

Thats why it would be nice to have a custom Setup possibility for tournaments. Best example would be to have the Groups as mixed Group (round robin) and KO Phase with more than one Group. That would cut the number of competitions from 28 to 4.

Re: League Managment

Posted: 27 June 2017, 08:17
by Netheos
How about custom scoring?

It's always better to have options but this was not among the most requested features the content list for Legendary has been decided. It's on the list for potential future updates though.

Re: League Managment

Posted: 27 June 2017, 12:12
by wolle1301
Nice :)