Android - Compatibility list

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Android - Compatibility list

Postby Zanchito » 31 July 2014, 17:56


I own Chaos Edition on Steam, and would love to play the Android version on the go. I have a Oneplus One device (similar specs to Samsung Galaxy S5), but Google play won't let me buy because my device is not on the compatibility list. I'm pretty confident there's no reason for the game not to run on it, is there a way for me to install the game on my phone? Will the compatible devices be expanded soon? I can play other games designed for tablets quite alright, the screen is rather large.

Thank you.
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Re: Android - Compatibility list

Postby pajamared » 31 July 2014, 18:00

this may be the Google Play store not showing apps that are made for tablet only. I cannot even find the app in my Google Play store on my phone but my friend downloaded on his tablet.

look around in settings on your phone to view items available for tablets. Not sure if that is an option

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Re: Android - Compatibility list

Postby TheStatutoryApe » 01 August 2014, 18:02

If you have a rooted phone there are probably ways around it like side loading the apk. But... I have an old game I used to play a lot and is no longer being updated by the devs. When I tried playing on my G S5 it seemed that the game wasn't prepared for the particular combination of resolution and screen size because various display elements were greatly out of proportion to one another making it next to unplayable. It's quite possible that, being designed for tablets, this game will not display properly on your phone even if your phone is quite capable of running it.

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Re: Android - Compatibility list

Postby Desirsar » 19 August 2014, 08:51

And for those of us with a device faster than most tablets that are designed to be compatible with apps meant for tablets? I'd settle for having to click through multiple warnings that I don't have an officially compatible device if it would let me attempt to install and run it anyway...

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Re: Android - Compatibility list

Postby skredy » 05 December 2014, 08:16

I bought the game on my Iconia Tab A700 rooted it, extracted the apk, then imported it on my HTC One M8 and it works just fine (excluding the fuc*ing bugs related to the game since the first versions on PC and XBOX) the resolutions are the same on both devices (1920x1080), it may help.

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Re: Android - Compatibility list

Postby vaiybora » 10 October 2018, 05:06

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