iPad "controls" manual

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iPad "controls" manual

Postby Lines » 01 August 2014, 09:48

Is there a manual that shows how the controls work on iPad? Most controls / gestures are obvious.
But there is still stuff I´m looking for. For example how to show the information window (actions, dice rolls) during a game. In solo mode it only pops-up at the end of the game.
When Blocking the Blocking dice in the magniglass are sometimes underlayed with a yellow, sometimes with a red bolt (even if it´s not two dice against me). What does that mean?
Can I turn on a mode where it shows the number I need to roll for a dodge, on the field I´m dodging to (wasn´t there such a Feature in the PC Version?).


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Re: iPad "controls" manual

Postby nestyr » 06 September 2014, 04:13

Hi Lines,

To turn on the information/chat window, you need to click on the button at the top of the screen (the one which temporarily pauses the game, and gives you the option to save, quit, etc.).

One of the options in the drop down box is to toggle on or off the information screen, which will appear in the bottom left of the screen, until you toggle it off. I found this by accident, when I was considering saving a game at half time, to complete later).

Not sure about the rest of the items in your post, but this one thing makes figuring out what is going on during the game much easier...


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