[Pending] Game shutting down on iPad

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[Pending] Game shutting down on iPad

Postby MrKold » 05 August 2014, 04:49

Hey everybody. New coach in here :mrgreen:

I have had a few games of BB on my iPad mini by now, but it's getting confusing to me that the app has shut down on me four times now. Everytime in the middle of a game. And since it's only possible to save the game at the beginning of each half, i have already lost about 1 1/2 hours of game time.

Anybody else having this same problem?
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Re: Game shutting down on iPad

Postby VeryHighElf » 06 August 2014, 10:08

Yes I have the same problem. Seems often related to the use of Multiple Block (see other thread).

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Re: Game shutting down on iPad

Postby Yojimbo252 » 12 August 2014, 13:06

Yes same problem.

There really ought to be an auto save feature at the end of each turn as a minimum. Numerous times I've had to come out of the game to answer the phone or whatever and there's no guarantee I'm going to be taken back to where I've left off, and may find I have to re-start the match again.

The worst was when I'd just won a match and the game crashed and had to replay it all over again.

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Re: [Pending] Game shutting down on iPad

Postby Maelwolf » 13 August 2014, 07:01

This is also an issue during multiplayer matches since once you log back in, there is no option to rejoin a game, effectively making everything done until that point a waste.

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Re: [Pending] Game shutting down on iPad

Postby mdh » 14 August 2014, 19:58

On my IPad2, I had to do a hard restart to end all of the other open programs and then the game ran fine. Had to do the same for the SR4 game last year. Some games are so memory use hogs that you have to avoid running other games.

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