iPad bug found

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iPad bug found

Postby Tperciva » 09 September 2014, 17:38

Did a blitz, blitzer has frenzy. Selected push, which pushed opponent back and pushed next opponent off field. Opponent off field was knocked out. Game is now frozen at this point. Timer not going, KOed player not fading and frenzy not continuing

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Re: iPad bug found

Postby Darkson » 09 September 2014, 19:35

Old bug, never fixed on the PC version.
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Nope, I was talking about a 0TTD on a Blitz! using TTM.

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Re: iPad bug found

Postby LunchMoney » 09 September 2014, 20:17

And as the tablet version appears to be a very lazy port from the PC version expect all the same bugs.
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