Optional skill Presets?

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Optional skill Presets?

Postby Taco Truck » 12 September 2014, 07:44

Can't seem to find any sort of settings menu to to enable/disable skill presets. With the overall lack of options menus to begin with, I am assuming the option was left out of Tablet edition?

Unless I am completely wrong, does this not completely render certain skills as useless?

piling on... Just had my Orc kill someone, then, with no prompt asking if I wanted to pile on (as I would have the settings set to in PC version) he did it automatically, and simply knocked him down instead.

Am I missing something... or is there simply no way to opt out of using certain skills if your character has it (things like fend, juggernaut, dump off pass, etc.)

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Re: Optional skill Presets?

Postby Darkson » 12 September 2014, 08:32

Read the other posts here - not possible (currently - no idea if they're working on it).
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